How To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection When You Are Interested In Someone?

Overcoming the fear of rejection requires that you are clearly aware that getting rejected doesn’t always have anything to do with you.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Rejection When You Are Interested In Someone?There is a big problem with how a lot of people look at rejection.

They look at it as though it is a bad thing.

Rejection is not a bad thing.

If someone rejected you, that person wasn’t the right person for you.

Avoid making assumptions of how life would have been with this person.

So many people make this mistake.

They notice someone they like and assume that a life with this person would be amazing.

This is not necessarily true.

You have no idea what this other person is dealing with.

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This person could have anger and loyalty issues.

They have very hot and cold behavior that leaves you constantly unsure of where they truly stand on an issue or how they are going to behave at any given moment.

They are full of insecurities and anxieties.

They have a myopic view of the world that doesn’t coincide with your own.

They lack any real sense of empathy for others.

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They are selfish and conniving.

The point is, you have absolutely no idea what it would have been like if this person hadn’t rejected you and started dating you.

The truth is, no one is perfect.

This person certainly isn’t.

In rejecting you, they did you a favor.

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When you realize that you have no idea who you would have been dealing with, in a reality where you entered a relationship with this person, you overcome your fear of rejection.

You overcome your fear of rejection when you don’t make these assumptions about how life would have been.

These assumptions are your fantasies and have nothing to do with your reality.

Another effective way of overcoming your fear of rejection is to avoid dwelling on your approach.

When you dwell for too long without making an approach, you become increasingly nervous.

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As you get more and more nervous, you escalate the situation.

You make the fear grow even more.

This is ultimately the fear that keeps you from making the approach.

In essence, you have made yourself too nervous to act because you waited too long.

You should approach immediately.

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Don’t wait for more than a few seconds to make your move.

When you approach this quickly, you don’t give your brain enough time to make you so anxious that you think your way out of actually making the approach.

You simply don’t allow that negativity any time to fester and broil.

You overcome your fear of rejection when you accept that this is only a fleeting moment in time.

When you put so much pressure on yourself to make an approach, you make yourself feel even worse.

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You increase that fear.

You have made the moment last a lot longer than it had to.

Another very important way to overcome your fear of rejection is to look at this person that you are attracted to as a human being.

That is what they are.

They are just as human as you are.

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They feel the same emotions and they also make mistakes.

When you look at this person as a human being who isn’t infallible, you realize that it is pointless being fearful.

This person is as strong and weak in body as you are.

They are only human.

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