Are Doctors A Red Flag In The Dating World?

Are Doctors A Red Flag In The Dating World?

Having been around people of late who haven’t had the nicest things to say about doctors when it comes to the dating world, you are worried.

These verbal accounts have been filled with red flags about doctors.

There is an impression that people are hesitant about dating doctors.

It’s justifiable that you are worried about the plight of being a doctor in the dating world.

Yes, there are a number of red flags and drawbacks that are commonly mentioned in these rumor circles.

What are these red flags and drawbacks?

People talk about the exorbitant number of hours a doctor works.

The fear that said doctor would miss vital anniversaries such as birthdays, family get-togethers, etc., thanks to the unpredictability of a partner being called in for an emergency at a hospital.

The idea that even when a doctor is off work, he would have next to no energy to be mentally present for his partner and his family.

These are a few of the common red flags and drawbacks that are talked about in these rumor circles.

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This being said, don’t be discouraged.

Doctors continue to be a hot commodity in the dating market.

With a high social status in title and yearly income, doctors are looked up to and respected in society.

With these advantages, lots of women tolerate the red flags and drawbacks that come with dating a doctor.

To an extent.

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Being a doctor doesn’t mean you have to fall into the red flags and drawbacks that are aligned with it.

If you are worried about being successful in the dating world and having long-term relationships, there has to be sacrifices made.

A woman eventually gets fed up with a doctor who is rarely present in body and mind.

Have a work-life balance that works hand in hand with having a healthy professional life, and a healthy dating life.

This means that you don’t get so caught up in all the money that is there for the taking once you are a doctor.

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Doctors that fail in their dating lives, overdo it in their professional lives.

He takes more patient appointments than he needs to.

He is too concerned with socializing with the bigwigs from the hospital in his free time, than spending that time with his partner.

This is the free time he is spending at social events with these bigwigs, while he has a partner who was expecting to hear from him or spend time with him, and never did.

When you want to be a doctor that has a successful dating or relationship life, you have to make sacrifices.

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It’s so easy to get sucked into the doctor lifestyle and how much money and status it brings.

This is where many doctors end up failing in the dating world.

Time is precious.

It’s the single greatest commodity we have as human beings.

Once time is lost, there is no replenishing it.

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What matters most to you?

Is it spending as much time as you can with your partner and loved ones, or spending as much time as you can at work as a doctor?

To be successful in the dating world, a work-life balance is crucial.

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