I’ve Been Dating A Man For A Month Now, Is It Time To Take Down Our Dating Profiles?

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I've Been Dating A Man For A Month Now, Is It Time To Take Down Our Dating Profiles?

The decision to take down your dating profiles needs to come from a place of mutual desire to date each other exclusively.

This is how you do this right.

Don’t get caught up in how you feel about this guy.

You clearly like him, but a month of dating isn’t that much time.

Instead of jumping the gun and pressuring him to take down his dating profile, give it another month or two.

It normally takes three to six months to find a partner on dating sites.

Besides, giving it more time works in your favor.

How do you know this is the right man for you?

Why not take advantage of the matches you are being sent?

Dating is a numbers game.

The people who have the patience to meet many matches are the ones who succeed.

Those who get too carried away with one person over a short period of time dating are the ones who come back to the dating site looking for a new partner.

Why put yourself through this?

Do you want to have to come back to the dating site over and over after an array of failed premature relationships?

That doesn’t sound like fun.

Online dating isn’t a sprint.

It is a marathon.

The patient woman who goes out with many matches wins in the end.

Your haste to get him to take down his dating profiles sometimes comes from fear.

The fear of losing a man you like to some other woman he is dating simultaneously that he met on the dating site.

That isn’t a healthy approach to online dating.

It is actually healthy for the man to date other matches.

How else does he discover that you are the best match for him?

By forcing his hand to take down his dating profiles out of fear, you jeopardize your own love life.

The reason why so many people come back to the dating site after forcing a relationship with someone too soon is on account of not giving each other a chance to spread their wings.

Don’t fear the competition.

It works in your favor, even when the man decides that he has found a better match with someone else.

This conclusion was bound to happen regardless of how quickly you got him to take down his dating profile.

When you let him date freely and he ends up wanting to be with you, you know that you are his best match.

The same with you.

When you go out with multiple matches and end up realizing that he is the one you want to be with the most, you know you have found your best match.

This is the healthiest approach with online dating, as there is no hurry.

Date more and let him do the same.

In a month to two months, you are in the best position to decide whether you want to take down your dating profiles and exclusively date.

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