I’ve Been Dating A Man For A Month Now, Is It Time To Take Down Our Dating Profiles?

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I've Been Dating A Man For A Month Now, Is It Time To Take Down Our Dating Profiles?

It really depends on how the relationship has been going.

If you both have been having a really good time and you both decide that it would be best to take down your dating profiles so that you can focus on each other, that’s fine.

This way, the decision is mutual.

However, it is always a good idea to give it another month or two before you decide to completely take down a dating profile.

If you are feeling guilty about keeping it up, you could even simply make it “invisible” to the other members of the dating site so that when they do a search they won’t find your dating profile.

This option to make your profile “invisible” or “non-searchable” comes standard with most dating sites.

Now, it’s important that you understand that you shouldn’t pressure this other person to do the same.

Just because you feel like you may want to take down your dating profile doesn’t mean that the other person is obligated to do so as well.

This is where things can also get very tricky and hence why I say it may be best to keep your dating profile up for at least another month or two or make it “non-searchable.”

If you were to completely take down your dating profile, you would more than likely expect the other person to do the same.

If you to do it and the other person doesn’t, you would begin to question the relationship.

You would start wondering why the other person hasn’t completely taken down their dating profile.

You will begin to wonder if indeed this person is serious about dating you.

You will question their sincerity and wonder who else they may be talking to on the dating site.

Hence, you have thrown a wrench into the relationship and you have now put yourself in a position of doubt.

Again, the other person shouldn’t be made to feel like they are obligated to take down their dating profile.

If they were to do it simply because you pressured them, they would not be doing it genuinely.

This means that there is a strong likelihood that they would still use the dating site but try to do it in a surreptitious manner.

This doesn’t bode well for your relationship.

As I mentioned earlier, if the both of you were to mutually decide to take down your dating profiles, that’s fine.

You would both be in the same frame of mind and willing to see where this thing leads without the further distraction of the dating site.

This is fine.

However, if this isn’t a mutual decision, just understand that the other person isn’t obligated to completely take down their dating profile.

You shouldn’t pressure them to do so either because it would only put a strain on your relationship.

It’s been only a month.

The feelings that you may have for this person may also be quite premature.

A person can be one thing the first time you meet them but turn out to be something completely different as time goes by and you have gotten a better chance to know them.

Hence, try to slow things down.

Allow yourself to get to know them a little better and a little longer.

This really helps in giving you more time to see if there is true compatibility between the both of you.

If you just don’t want to deal with having a dating profile up, then make your dating profile “invisible” or “non-searchable” for now.

If the both of you were to get to a place where the relationship is really going well, completely taking down your dating profiles would become a lot easier to do and it would be mutual.

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