Do Gaming Guys Date Non-Gaming Girls?

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Do Gaming Guys Date Non-Gaming Girls?Yes, they do.

Gaming guys are an eclectic mix.

Sure, there are some gaming guys who will only date gaming girls because they feel that they can identify better with girls who game.

But there are also gaming guys who would date non-gaming girls because it really doesn’t matter all that much to them if the girl games or not.

If anything, for some of these guys, they may feel better about the girl not being a gamer because it can give them a break from talking about all things gaming.

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Yes, that can get old, even to gaming guys.

So, it really depends on the kind of gaming guy that you are dealing with.

For a lot of them, simply having an appreciation for the fact that they game may be enough. You don’t necessarily have to be a gaming girl yourself.

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Something else about gaming guys is that they tend to feel that they are somewhat different from the norm of society.

In essence, they may feel that they have a certain community that they belong to and thereby they may feel a fierce sense of loyalty to that community.

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They feel that their community of other gamers is one that gets them and thereby they can relate to.

Hence, a lot of gaming guys may feel a strong sense of loyalty to other gamers. They know where these gamers are coming from and how they think.

You may come across a gaming guy who may seem fiercely loyal to other gamers to the point where he doesn’t want to deal with most people who are outside that gaming community because he feels that those people think that they are odd or hold some kind of judgment over them.

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Hence, there are some gaming guys who will instantly put up a protective mental wall when someone from outside of the gaming community comes into their presence or social circle.

They make a prejudgment on that person based on their sense of fierce loyalty to their gaming community and also based on perhaps having had a bad history with people outside the gaming community.

This kind of behavior doesn’t mean that the gaming guy is opposed to dating a non-gaming girl.

It is just that he has a protective mental wall up and he has made a cautionary judgment on the non-gaming girl.

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However, if the non-gaming girl were to show the gaming guy that she respects him and his community and isn’t there to cast judgment or make them feel that they are a negative or odd part of society, the gaming guy can begin to warm up to her.

This might take some time as it always does when someone has a protective mental wall up.

However, many gaming guys who may be protective and cautious like this may eventually come around when they have been around the girl long enough to realize that though she may not be a gaming girl, she is totally accepting of them and a non-judgmental person.

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So, do not be discouraged if a gaming guy is initially not that open or accepting of you.

Oftentimes, he just needs to be around you long enough to realize that you are genuinely there because you respect him and his peers, though you may not be a gaming girl yourself.

This eventually allows him the mental capacity to consider the possibility of dating you the longer he is around you.

Once he gets this level of comfort with you, he may really open himself up to the possibility of what it would be like to date a girl who doesn’t game.

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2 thoughts on “Do Gaming Guys Date Non-Gaming Girls?”

  1. You mean video games? I haven’t played video games in a while now. Video games are just an art form that people enjoy…. Don’t care if someone doesn’t play video games. All I do care about is that someone does enjoy some type of art form. To the person asking this don’t worry about it 😉

  2. Hi Lemon Fresh Clorox,

    Yes, video games or any form of a tech game.

    Indeed, they are a form of entertainment that people enjoy and that is typically where it ends.

    Hence, the majority of guys who play them will be open to dating girls who aren’t into playing video games.

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