Men Who Are Introverts – How Would You Describe Your Dating Process?

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Men Who Are Introverts - How Would You Describe Your Dating Process?

Men who are introverts tend to prefer more mundane dating settings.

They would rather do something relatively safe than do something that seems out of what they would be comfortable with.

Hence, if you are dating an introverted man, there are a number of things that you may notice.

As I mentioned earlier, dates with introverted men tend to be safe.

They would typically prefer doing something that they typically enjoy over what you would typically enjoy.

It is not so much because they are selfish but more so because they want to be in an environment that they are familiar with.

When he is in an environment that is familiar to him, it is easier for him to feel at ease because he will be familiar with the kinds of people that typically hang out there.

He may even know some of them.

Hence, the more he is in locations that he is familiar with, the more he is certain of the kinds of people he will be around.

This makes him feel more at ease since by nature he typically wants to minimize contact with people in general.

Another thing you may experience with an introverted man while in the dating process is his lack of consistent communication.

You will notice that he doesn’t communicate with you anywhere near as much as you would want.

Even after a date that you may have thought went very well, an introverted man may still take days or even weeks before he either contacts you again or asks you for another date.

Again, understand that this isn’t necessarily done because they don’t like you or didn’t enjoy the date.

Introverts by nature like being in their own head. In other words, they tend to internalize their feelings and thoughts.

In order to do this, they need their own space.

They may not have realized how much of a good time that they had with you on the date until they had actually given themselves some time to internalize and ruminate on it.

People who aren’t introverts are typically the opposite.

They know that they have had a good date very quickly.

This is because they don’t need a period of internalization or introspection.

Being that they are extroverted in nature, they tend to externalize their feelings and emotions.

Hence, they would naturally react to the moment with excitement as opposed to the introvert who may have to brood over how the date went for days, sometimes weeks.

As a result, when you are dating an introverted man, you may find that the dates don’t seem to happen as often as you want.

Again, even if you were to have a great time with them, you may find yourself waiting for days or perhaps weeks to get an offer for another date.

Hence, dating an introverted man really does require a degree of understanding and patience on your part if this is a type of person that you aren’t used to dating.

Oftentimes, it takes an introverted guy quite a bit more time to get to the point where they can really open themselves up to you than it would an extroverted guy.

You have to figure out what your level of patience is.

Earlier on, you may need to be the one that takes charge of the dating process until he gets to the point where he really feels comfortable around you.

From this point on, an introverted guy can actually be quite a sweetheart.

Though he may be an introvert, he can still adapt to certain ways you go about behaving around him and in the interaction.

He is capable of picking up on some of these behaviors a little at a time as time goes by.

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  1. The guy I’m seeing claims he’s introverted and this article fits him to a T, except for the fact that he’s very chatty in person! Hard to believe.

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