Would You Pursue A Girl In A Committed Relationship Who Is Showing An Interest In You?

Would You Pursue A Girl In A Committed Relationship Who Is Showing An Interest In You?Pursuing a girl in a committed relationship comes with complications.

Although you are attracted to this girl, don’t get carried away.

Even though you believe that she is showing signs of attraction towards you, this isn’t a greenlight to pursue her.

A girl in a committed relationship who has shown signs of interest in you is doing so because there is something missing in her relationship.

Her boyfriend isn’t giving her the attention she deserves.

He is reneging on promises he has made to her.

It has been a while since she heard him say she was beautiful.

She has struggled to get him to take her out with the frequency he used to when he was courting her.

His patience with her is too thin.

He is snapping at her without conscience, leaving her crying and having to go to her friends and family for comfort and consolation.

This is only a few ideas as to why she believes something is missing in her relationship.

Whatever it is, you are someone who seems to have the potential to fulfill what is missing.

That’s why she has been showing an interest in you.

This is where you fall into a trap.

After seeing all this interest from her, you convince yourself that this girl likes you and wants to be with you.

Even though you know she is in a committed relationship, you tell yourself that she doesn’t love her boyfriend anymore and must want to be with you.

After all, this is the reason why she has been giving you all this attention.

Do everything in your power not to fall for this line of thinking.

It compels you to put in more effort into pursuing her, thinking that she likes you and wants to be with you.

The trap you fall into is in believing that you have a formidable shot to be with her.

You don’t.

A girl like this is merely looking for some emotional fulfillment in an area that is deficient in the committed relationship she has with her boyfriend.

You are someone that is fulfilling that specific emotional need at the moment.

But, she has no intention of leaving her boyfriend to be with you.

What you don’t realize in this moment is that there are areas that her boyfriend fulfills her.

She committed to him for a reason.

Overall, he is still someone that makes her feel good and safe.

She isn’t unaware of everything else he does for her.

Although he is deficient in the area where she is looking to you to fulfill, she hasn’t forgotten that there is a lot about her boyfriend she still loves.

She has so much history with him.

She remembers the amazing travels she has been on with him.

She gets goosebumps when she thinks of how much she loves his hugs and the feeling of safety he gives her when he holds her close.

He has had a way of making her feel like she is the only woman in the world for him.

She wants all of this to keep happening.

Being that she has so much invested in him with all the time they have spent together, she is unlikely to give it all up based on something that you are fulfilling for her that her boyfriend isn’t meeting at this time.

Keep this in mind as you consider investing the time and energy to pursue her.

Is it worth the risk?

It isn’t.