Would You Date Someone Whose Place Of Residence Is A Pigsty?

Would You Date Someone Whose Place Of Residence Is A Pigsty?Like attracts like.

A person that has a pigsty for a home won’t mind dating someone else who has the same.

If anything, this has an effect of connecting the two, making them feel that they can be themselves.

There is no burden of performance to keep their places clean.

They each live in a pigsty, which relieves the pressure on either party to pretend that they are clean.

In the early stages of courtship, there is a pressure to impress.

This is where people get tempted to misrepresent who they are.

They pretend to be someone they are not, so as to score brownie points, which is disingenuous.

When either party has a pigsty for a residence, there is less subterfuge.

This is one way to look at it.

Conversely, when it is someone who has a clean place of residence versus someone who has a pigsty for a residence, there is a greater complication.

Should you so happen to be the clean one, and she so happens to be a pretty woman, you are tempted to make excuses for the state of her residence, telling yourself that it is not that bad.

When you let her beauty interfere with your common sense, you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

A woman with a pigsty for a residence has been like this for a while.

It’s not like you walked into her residence and she so happened to have a pigsty waiting for you by accident.

Her residence was a pigsty of a residence the day before you visited her residence, and the day before that, and the day before that, ad infinitum.

Considering that you are a clean or fairly clean person, her uncleanliness is sure to grate your nerves in time.

At this stage, you have been dating her for weeks or months, constantly having to clean up after her as though she is a small child.

You have found yourself having to clean up her dirty dishes, pick up and launder her dirty clothes, clean out her grimy bathroom, bathe her dirty dog or cat who is constantly adding to the stench of her residence, etc.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful she is, this lifestyle is going to catch up with you in a bad way.

The excuses that you were giving for her uncleanliness will be in meager supply.

Your patience wears thin.

Her beauty notwithstanding, you are horrified at the thought of moving her into your residence one day and having to deal with her dirty proclivities.

Think about what it would be like to have her slowly reduce your residence to a pigsty of her own.

Imagine coming back from a hard day at work to be greeted by all that filth.

Life is hard enough, a dirty partner only adds more stress.

Why set yourself up for failure on account of her beauty?

Beauty only goes so far.

Making a life partner of a person that is irrevocably dirty makes your life a living nightmare.

And no, it doesn’t matter that she surprised you by cleaning up the place a few times this week.

This won’t last.

As the adage goes, “Old habits die hard.”