Would You Date Someone Who Cares About You But Is Emotionally Unavailable?

Would You Date Someone Who Cares About You But Is Emotionally Unavailable?To date someone who cares about you but is emotionally unavailable is to put yourself at emotional risk.

Being that this is someone that cares about you, you mislead yourself into believing it is worth it to date her.

When you do this, you conveniently put the fact that she is emotionally unavailable to the back of your mind.

This is where you are demonstrating that you want to focus on the positive elements of your relationship with her.

It makes you feel good to believe that she cares about you, and that in time, she is going to care about you all that much more and consequently become emotionally available to you.

You want to believe that.

Given that you like her and care about her too, you want more than anything for her to get to the level you are at in terms of how you feel about her.

Be careful that you don’t let your emotional desires get the best of you.

When you do this, you lead yourself down a path that leads to emotional despair.

Although she cares about you, it doesn’t mean that anything greater comes of it.

She is emotionally unavailable for a reason.

There is a psychological aspect that has kept her from becoming emotionally available to you.

This tends to happen due to past trauma.

Whether it be trauma from her childhood or from her past relationships.

This is trauma that has stayed with her for a while.

She is embracing this trauma, regardless of how painful it is, and she isn’t letting go of it.

Why would a girl hold on to trauma?

She does it so as to feel.

The trauma becomes a significant part of who she is.

As time passes, she doesn’t want to let go of it.

Letting go of her trauma would be akin to getting rid of an element that has become as much a part of her as her own DNA.

In all of this emotional melee, you are someone she so happens to care about.

There are elements to your personality and your relationship with her that she appreciates.

She likes your ideas.

She loves it when you make her laugh.

There is an energy you give off that lets her temporarily forget about the trauma she is holding onto.

That being said, she keeps that trauma close when it is all said and done.

She doesn’t want to lose it.

Again, it’s a part of who she is as a person now, and losing it would leave her lost.

This psychological aspect to her is deeply ingrained.

She has chosen to hold onto her trauma.

This means that she won’t be emotionally available to you.

The mistake you would be making is in thinking that given how much she cares about you, she is bound to open up to you emotionally with time.

This is false thinking.

She has kept herself from becoming emotionally available to you for a reason.

She doesn’t want to let go of the trauma, and having you in her life as someone she cares about hasn’t changed that.

You are better off not dating her.

If you do, you are risking falling for her by a magnitude that she can never reciprocate.

All of which leads to heartbreak.