Would You Be Friends With, Or Date Somebody That Has A Bisexual Lifestyle?

Would You Be Friends With, Or Date Somebody That Has A Bisexual Lifestyle?There is a wide difference between being friends with somebody that is bisexual over dating said person.

When you are a friend with a woman that is bisexual, it is a lot less complicated than when you are dating her.

As a friend of hers, her sexual orientation isn’t a factor.

Friendship is similar across sexual orientations.

We all look for the same qualities in a friend, whether that friend is straight or bisexual.

We want a person we relate to in a host of areas.

Someone that has commonality with us.

Someone that is easy to get along with and trustworthy.

These are qualities that people look for in friends that they make, regardless of sexual orientation.

So, as long as you find the right qualities in this bisexual person, that meets what you look for in a platonic friend, it is just as easy to become her friend as it would be if she was straight.

There shouldn’t be any issue in becoming her friend, as long as she meets the requirements you look for in a friend.

Dating her is a totally different story.

As a bisexual woman, she has a different life experience in dating.

She has dated or been intimate with guys and girls.

There are qualities she likes in guys that she has dated, and qualities that she likes in girls she has dated.

Either gender gives her something that the other doesn’t.

With this in mind, when you date her, she is going to look to you to fulfill the qualities that she expects to experience from guys.

Those qualities only.

She doesn’t believe that you have what it takes to meet the qualities that make her attracted to women.

These are qualities that are strictly relegated to the female gender.

You, as a guy, can never meet these qualities.

You aren’t genetically equipped to.

Realizing this is to your benefit.

As a guy, it’s natural to think that you are capable of giving a bisexual girlfriend what she wants through and through, without her having to look to women to get this fulfillment.

This makes you develop a potent dose of competitiveness whenever you so happen to be around women with your bisexual girlfriend in tow.

Innately, you are watching your bisexual girlfriend to see how she responds to these women.

It’s natural to feel jealousy in these moments.

You clearly see that she is interacting with these women differently.

She doesn’t treat you the same.

You put it upon yourself to prove to her that you are everything that she requires in a partner.

This puts a strain on your relationship as you become overly possessive of her, getting short-tempered with her whenever you get the impression that she is attracted to a woman who so happens in the vicinity.

This gets to be too much, as you misinterpret her behavior around women, even though she has no attraction towards these woman.

Yet, you can’t help but worry about the prospect of her being attracted to women you come across.

This leads to you becoming insecure in the relationship.

So insecure, you make her weary of you, and she ends up ending her relationship with you.

Dating a woman who is bisexual requires that you are confident in yourself and in your relationship.

It’s far too easy to become unnecessarily jealous whenever you are with her and around women.

Remember, there are qualities you are incapable of giving her, based on your gender.

That isn’t your fault.

As long as she has chosen to be with you, avoid becoming self-conscious of these shortcomings.

They are inevitable when you date a bisexual woman.