Would A Guy Date A Woman That Weighs More Than He Does?

Would A Guy Date A Woman That Weighs More Than He Does?There are lots of guys that would date a woman that weighs more than they do.

The next time you go out in public, take a look at the couples you see.

A significant number of the men are dating women that weigh more than they do.

Granted, there are instances where these women weighed less in the early stages of the relationship, and gained weight as the relationship progressed.

True, these cases do exist.

People do have a tendency to get comfortable once they are in a relationship, and gain weight.

This is a common occurrence.

That being said, a good number of the men you see with girlfriends that weigh more than they do chose to date those women at their current weight.

Now that you know this, you don’t have to make yourself too anxious over the fact that you weigh more than the average guy.

This being said, your mentality does matter.

When you have low self-esteem in regards to your weight, you open yourself up to attracting the wrong type of guys.

These are guys that know that you are insecure about your weight and look to take advantage of it.

He starts by giving you compliments on your physical appearance so that he butters you up by making you feel better about yourself.

Once he has you hooked on his every word, he uses you for his own benefit.

He is cajoling you into getting him gifts, giving him money, taking him out on dates that you pay for, doing his chores, etc.

Once he has used you up to his satisfaction, he gets rid of you.

Unfortunately, by this stage, you are fully emotionally invested in the guy and the sudden breakup out of nowhere is heartbreaking.

You feel used and abused.

Which affects your already wavering confidence that much more.

This sets you up for yet another bad actor who smells your vulnerability from a mile away and moves in to take advantage of you.

Never put yourself in this position.

It sets you up for a series of poor relationships that damage your psyche to such an extent, you lose sight of your value and develop a defeatist attitude.

A defeatist attitude that is so used to being mistreated, you struggle to accept kindness.

This is kindness that is demonstrated by a good actor that has a sincere interest in you and has no ulterior motives.

He takes you out on dates and treats you nice.

However, you are so emotionally damaged by the bad men that have come before him that you aren’t comfortable with all this kindness.

You don’t believe that this good guy is for real.

He is tricking you.

To this end, you don’t let him in emotionally.

Your emotions are far too compromised to accept all of his kindness.

Inevitably, you jeopardize the courtship, leaving him high and dry.

Instead, you let yet another bad actor into your life who is intent on mistreating and abusing you like all the previous ones did.

This is far too bleak.

You deserve so much better.

When you maintain a positive and confident attitude, you protect yourself from the bad actors, and attract the right guys to you instead.