Would A Girl Date A Guy Who Doesn’t Drink But Is Happy To Go To Parties And Bars With Her?

Would A Girl Date A Guy Who Doesn't Drink But Is Happy To Go To Parties And Bars With Her?There is a wealth of girls who would date a guy who doesn’t drink.

Considering that you are happy to go to parties and bars with her, you are exemplifying that you are social.

To girls, this is the most important factor.

A guy that has social skills.

A guy that is comfortable in a crowd and navigates through it with ease.

Girls are attracted to guys that have the ability to socialize with a range of people, leaving an impression on them.

As a guy that is happy to go to parties and bars with her, you are indicating that you are comfortable around people.

Girls are social creatures by nature.

They love going to social gatherings, whether they are set at a party, bar, concert, festival, etc.

For many girls, drinking in these social venues is an accent.

The main reason why they go to these social venues is to socialize.

As long as you have the social skills required to mingle in these social settings, she is perfectly fine with you not drinking.

If anything, it makes her feel safer.

She knows that you are going to be looking out for her, and that she doesn’t have to worry about letting herself get a little tipsy.

You aren’t going to be inebriated at the social venue, which means that you will have all of your faculties about you, making you more capable of looking out for her.

Safety is a critical component of attraction for women.

A woman wants to feel safe with a guy that is interested in her.

She wants to know that she can let her guard down, and not be taken advantage of.

As a guy who doesn’t drink in a social venue where there are loads of inebriated people, you give her a consciousness of safety.

You are her guardian angel.

A guardian angel protects.

Once you have been to several of these social venues with her, and you have given her the impression that she is protected, she lets her guard down that much more with you.

She opens herself up to you emotionally, as she now knows that you are someone she feels safe with.

This is a huge step.

At this stage, you have won her over with your consistency and unwillingness to take advantage of her, especially when she is in a tipsy or inebriated state.

Now that you know all of this, never fret over not being a drinker.

There are a bunch of girls who go to parties, bars, and social events who won’t mind this in the slightest.

It sets you apart from the guys who go to these social venues with the sole intention of getting drunk, and finding some inebriated girl who isn’t on top of her mental faculties to take advantage of.

That isn’t you.

This makes her trust you.

As long as she sees that you have charm and wonderful social skills as you navigate through a crowd, it’s inevitable that she develops romantic feelings for you.