Will There Ever Be A Time Where Women Are The Initiators And It Is More Common For Them To Make The First Move On Men?

Will There Ever Be A Time Where Women Are The Initiators And It Is More Common For Them To Make The First Move On Men?No matter how advanced and modern our society becomes, our biological nature remains constant.

Since the dawn of man, men have been the initiators.

They make the approach, ask for the date, court her, and put a ring on her finger.

This is in our biological makeup.

Although in this day and age, there are more women who are initiating the first move on men, these women are very much in the minority.

Will there be a time where it is more common for women to be the initiators in making the first move on men?


Our biological nature is always a factor, regardless of how technologically advanced and socially progressive our world becomes.

A woman wants to be pursued.

It is a factor in courtship that makes her feel desired, valued and feminine.

If the role of the pursuer is reversed and she is the one doing the pursuing, she doesn’t feel all that feminine.

There is a degree of aggressiveness that comes with being the pursuer that goes against her female nature.

In general, it is men that have the elevated levels of testosterone that makes them go after what they want.

Men have the burden of performance to attain success in life by going for what they want.

This is what makes him driven to succeed in various aspects of life, from what he does for a living to how high he elevates his social status.

This burden of performance is on men in the arena of courtship as well.

He is built to be the aggressor.

When he pursues a woman, it falls in line with his masculine nature and the elevated levels of testosterone that runs through his veins.

A woman doesn’t have anywhere near the same amount of testosterone in her system.

Being a woman, she has far more estrogen in her system than testosterone.

Estrogen develops and maintains female sex and reproductive characteristics.

This isn’t a hormone that is anywhere near as aggressive as testosterone.

Testosterone stimulates the development and maintenance of male secondary sexual characteristics.

These are characteristics that are responsible for aggression and physical strength.

You see, on a biological level, men and women have staunch differences.

A woman who takes a role as an initiator is basically going against her biological makeup.

Sure, she isn’t incapable of making a first move on a man or two, but to do this on a regular basis isn’t congruent with her biological makeup.

As long as men produce far more testosterone in their system than women do, they are biologically programmed to be the initiator.

This is why social constructs only go so far.

In a modern society that proclaims that men and women are equal in every aspect, there is only so far this will go.

We are governed by our biology.

Our genetic makeup determines how we think, irrespective of social constructs.

This is why there will never be a time where women are the initiators and it is more common for them to make the first move on men.

Politically correct social constructs melt away in the face of our biological design.