Why Would A Muscular Guy Be Attracted To A Chubby Girl Like Me?

Why Would A Muscular Guy Be Attracted To A Chubby Girl Like Me?Being that you are a chubby girl, you have been at the receiving end of verbal abuse.

People have told you about how unattractive you are based on your chubbiness.

Those that didn’t have the courage to be so blunt, have insinuated their disdain over your weight with indirect phrases directed at you.

Your own family has made negative references to your chubbiness.

Even though they try to be kind about it, there have been indirect references made about your weight and you are smart enough to know exactly what was meant.

These are indirect references that hurt so much more, given that these are family members who are supposed to love you.

Furthermore, there have been countless moments where you have been inundated with images of thin and seemingly perfect-looking women in magazines and television.

The sense of unattractiveness you feel about yourself in these moments is intense.

Society at large is telling you in these moments that you aren’t good enough or that you don’t fit in.

With this life history, you have a dilemma.

A muscular guy has seemingly taken an interest in you.

This came out of nowhere.

He has called you words that you never hear from people in your world.

Words that, up until now, you have associated with women who are much slimmer than you.

Being called gorgeous, beautiful, hot, pretty, are all alien to you.

Save close family members and friends who use these kind words on occasion to make you feel good about yourself, you rarely hear it.

You certainly don’t hear it from muscular guys.

A muscular guy like this, with nicely toned abs and huge sinewy arms, is doing something out of the norm in making you feel special and beautiful.

So that begs the question.

Why would a muscular guy be attracted to a chubby girl like you?

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Opposites attract?”

Surely you have.

There are people who feel a profound attraction for someone that is their opposite, whether it be in physical build, ethnicity, background, religion, socio-economic level, etc.

A muscular guy is not immune from being attracted to a chubby girl like you, if he is the type that is attracted to his opposite.

Knowing his dating history would be incredibly helpful.

A muscular guy who has a dating history of dating chubby girls is one that would have a higher propensity to be attracted to you.

As a chubby girl, you fit right in with what he dates.

Although all of this sounds good, you must be careful to avoid a guy who is only intent on using you.

Unfortunately, there are muscular guys who believe that a chubby girl is easy.

Easy prey.

Someone they can effortlessly charm up, use, and dump.

Watch out for this.

A muscular guy knows that it is less challenging to get a chubby girl in bed than a fit woman.

To figure out whether this is who you are dealing with, look into his history.

If he has a history of dating fit girls, there is cause for concern.

In such a scenario, there is a stronger probability that all the attention you are getting from him is based on his desire for a quick and easy lay.