Why Is Online Dating So Difficult When It Was Supposed To Make Dating Easier On Everyone?

Why Is Online Dating So Difficult When It Was Supposed To Make Dating Easier On Everyone?You are frustrated with your tenure so far in online dating.

If it makes you feel any better, you are not alone in this grief.

There are people who are finding online dating difficult.

And yes, several of them thought that online dating was going to make their dating lives easier.

That hasn’t happened.

Instead, it feels as though they are worse off from where they were in their dating lives before choosing to sign up on an online dating site.

Like you, they feel undesirable to the opposite sex, as they struggle to receive matches or keep getting ghosted by the few matches they get.

This sounds familiar doesn’t it?

The constant disappointment that accompanies yet another week of few to no matches, or that comes with getting ghosted by a match.

The few times you have established communication with a match, several of the conversations have fizzled out before you got to ask them out on a date.

The few times you have succeeded in having conversation last long enough that you have asked a match out, she has ghosted you.

She stops communicating, or worse, she agrees to the date but never shows up.

It’s been a nightmare of sorts with this online dating fiasco.

Like so many before you, the idea that online dating was going to revolutionize your dating life, and make it easier, has long since been abandoned.

Sometimes, you curse the day that you signed up on an online dating site.

You wish you could go back to the days where online dating sites didn’t exist, and funny enough, dating was easier.

You would meet someone at work that you were attracted to, ask her out, and go out on a date.

You would meet someone you were attracted to at a social event, ask her out, and meet on a date soon after.

Lo and behold, after all of the pomp and circumstance that accompanies online dating, it feels as though dating of old was far easier.

As far as you are concerned, online dating has complicated dating for the worse.

You have never felt this much frustration in dating.

The thought of logging into your online dating profile gives you nerves.

You know that you are going to be disappointed in the lack of matches that are about to greet you.

You know that several of the women you are attracted to and have matched with are yet to send any replies to your prior messages, and never will.

Innately, you know that in seeing all this, the rest of your day is sure to be ruined.

To that end, you have found yourself making the conscious decision to avoid checking your dating profile too frequently.

Listen, the frustration that you feel about online dating is noted and justifiable.

You are right in thinking that the idea behind online dating was to make it easier on everyone.

And although online dating has done a lot of good in the world of dating, it has triggered a part of human nature that is innate in so many of us.

Our insatiable nature.

This is where online dating has provided so much dating choice, especially to women, that they are constantly thinking that there must be someone better in their next match.

This is why you struggle to get as many matches as you want, or to get replies to the messages that you send to the few matches you get.

Women receive significantly more matches on dating apps than men do.

This means that she swipes left frequently and is less likely to give a match a sustained amount of time to see what develops.

She is back on the dating app excited about her next match.

You can avoid situations like this by not swiping right on the most attractive women.

An attractive woman on a dating app receives an unwieldy amount of attention from men.

This makes her susceptible to being flaky.

A flaky woman is only going to cause you more torment.