Why Does He Text Me If He Doesn’t Want To Actually Hang Out?

Why Does He Text Me If He Doesn't Want To Actually Hang Out?It gets so confusing after a while.

He keeps texting you but doesn’t want to actually hang out.

This is evident when there is never anything that is solidly set up.

You are left hoping that he will make himself available soon and make solid plans with you to actually hang out.

But, by the next text conversation, it’s as though nothing was ever mentioned about hanging out in the last text conversation.

He conveniently forgets that you two are supposed to hang out soon.

Instead, he is texting about a totally unrelated topic.

You are obviously frustrated.

You like this guy.

The text conversations are great, but they aren’t enough.

You want to hang out.

This is frustrating indeed, and I know that there have been many a time you have considered screaming at the top of your lungs out of despair.

Nevertheless, you should read between the lines.

A man’s actions is everything.

It isn’t about what he says in the grand scheme of things, it’s about what he does.

The text messaging has led you to think that there is a promise for romance.

You have fallen for his words and the consistency in which he delivers them.

There has been light flirting and compliments thrown at you in these text conversations that brightened your day.

These text conversations have made you hopeful about the prospects of hanging out with him in the foreseeable future.

There seems to be a sexual tension when you text each other that makes you that much more hopeful that he is soon to ask you out on a date or to hang out.

This tension gets you excited about him.

Furthermore, his words have consistently had you daydreaming about what a life with him as your boyfriend would be like.

At night, you fall asleep with him in your thoughts.

Basically, you are physically and mentally mesmerized by this guy, and this is where you are going about this all wrong.

A man’s actions elucidate his true intent.

A guy that is texting you but isn’t doing what it takes to hang out with you, wants to keep his relationship with you platonic.

He doesn’t want to take it to the next level by courting you with romantic intent.

To take his relationship with you to this level would be to put a bunch of responsibility on his shoulders that he doesn’t want.

At this time in his life, he doesn’t want to have to be responsible for your emotional needs.

Given how you respond to his text messages, he already knows that you like him.

True, there is a part of him that likes this.

This is why he sometimes flirts with you.

It’s a boost to his ego to know that you are into him.

Nevertheless, he knows that he can’t go beyond the occasional lighthearted flirting.

He knows that he isn’t emotionally available to you or anyone else for that matter.

But you are providing what he needs right now, attention.

Your attention makes him feel good.

He gets to enjoy what a boyfriend would enjoy without having to be your boyfriend.

This is enough for him.

This is why he isn’t asking you to hang out and following through with it.

The longer you keep waiting on this guy to follow through on hanging out with you, the less likely it happens.

He has had enough time to determine whether you are someone he would want to date.

Yet, he hasn’t made it happen.

Waiting on him for another week, month or year isn’t going to make a difference.

You are better off accepting that your relationship with him will never be anything but platonic, so that you let go of the idea of hanging out with him.

If you don’t, you are running a risk of becoming increasingly invested in him emotionally, only to be forever disappointed in him never following through on hanging out with you.