Why Does A Guy Talk About Other Women While On A Date?

Why Does A Guy Talk About Other Women While On A Date?At first, you didn’t want to believe it.

While on a date with him, he began talking about other women.

He was brazen about it too.

These are women that he had dated in the past, and he was mentioning them by name.

He even had the audacity to tell you how beautiful they were, and showed you some of their pictures too.

This was like an episode from a TV show that recreates the worst dating experiences.

As you were living it, you were struggling to believe it.

Surely, this guy wasn’t doing this with a straight face.

He was.

The date didn’t work out.


But it has you seething.

It was a waste of time and such a downer.

Why would a guy talk about other women while on a date?

I get why you are baffled by this behavior, but what you experienced at the date isn’t all that uncommon.

This is a guy that believes that talking about other women makes him appear more attractive.

He is a guy that believes that women have a tendency to be attracted to men who are popular with other women.

Although there is psychological truth to this, he took this too far while he was on a date with you.

In talking about these other women, he was trying to impress you, thinking that you would instantly regard him as a man with dating options who is desired by a bevy of women.

While talking to you about these women, he talked about how beautiful they were to further impress upon you just how attractive he is to these women.

His intention was to get you to think that he attracts beautiful women.

He does this to manipulate you.

He knows that women compete with each other with beauty.

That’s what has made the makeup and fashion industries, which are industries that primarily cater to women, billion-dollar industries.

In telling you about how beautiful these women are, he figured that you would mentally compare yourself to these women.

In doing so, he wanted you to question whether you were just as beautiful as these women.

To drive this home, he showed you pictures of these women on his phone, wanting to add to the effect.

He wanted you to consciously compare yourself to these women, assessing whether they were prettier than you.

What he wanted was for you to believe that these women were more beautiful than you were.

The idea is to get you to think that he is capable of getting the adulation and adoration of women that are prettier than you.

Upon realizing this, you become self-conscious.

This realization compels you to be open to the idea of going home with him that night or on a night in the near future.

This was the plan.

It’s all manipulation.

He was banking on you being completely naive and falling for this mental trick.

Fortunately, you already knew that what he was doing in talking about other women was inappropriate and unacceptable.

Even though you weren’t completely privy to the mental tricks he was looking to play on you, you were smart enough to know that he was out of line.

Good for you.

You have dodged a bullet.

Better luck next time.