Why Do People Equate Being Single With Being Unhappy In Your Everyday Life?

Why Do People Equate Being Single With Being Unhappy In Your Everyday Life?It’s human nature to desire companionship.

To this extent, people equate being single with being unhappy.

Given that they know companionship is a salient factor of life, they can’t imagine that a single person would be happy.

Everyone has had moments in life where they felt lonely.

It wasn’t a good feeling for them.

It was a feeling that they wanted to escape from.

To think that a single person permanently remains in this abyss of loneliness, is unimaginable to them.

Having had brief moments in life where they have gone through loneliness, they can’t imagine what it would feel like to have this experience each and every day.

To this extent, they believe that single people must be unhappy in their everyday lives.

The idea of not having someone present to provide support, through the good and bad times, is inconceivable to them.

This mindset is widespread among human beings, considering that we are social creatures by nature.

We are born into this world with a family.

In our families, we see our parents love each other.

We see our friends growing up in their own families too, with parents who love each other.

This is what we grow up in and adapt to.

This leads to our assumption as human beings that a single person must be unhappy in their everyday life.

To these people, a single person without a life partner is an anomaly.

An anomaly that defies our biological imperative to partner up with someone for life like our parents did, and have a family.

A single person goes against this tradition and innate biological desire.

It’s being lonely, all the time.

This is unimaginable for them and they instantly make an assumption that a single person is unhappy.

To you, a person who so happens to be single and far from unhappy, there is a disconnect with how humanity thinks at large.

This has made you feel somewhat odd whenever you have been around people who are paired up.

Obviously, there are the endless questions about your relationship status and the befuddled expressions whenever you state that you are single.

These are human beings who are biologically and sociologically programmed to pair up with a mate, and to them, a single person is an aberration.

Nevertheless, the truth is, you are the only person who is living your life.

These people have no idea what it is like to live your life each and every day.

All they are doing is mentally putting themselves in your situation and instantly surmising that such an existence would be miserable and unhappy.

It doesn’t matter what they think.

What matters is what you think, and how you want to live your life.

If you find a greater amount of fulfillment in being single than in being with a partner, that speaks to your personality, life experience, and what works for you.

There are far too many people who partner up for the sake of staving off loneliness, irrespective of whether they are partnering up with the right person or not.

This leads to unhealthy relationships filled with vitriol, abuse, and a high breakup or divorce rate.

Whether you are open to finding a partner eventually or not, living a life that you choose, as opposed to one that is dictated to you by humanity at large, is what matters most.

Although a life partner brings happiness to many, it isn’t the only avenue to happiness.