Why Do Men Downgrade After A Breakup In The Woman They Choose To Date?

Why Do Men Downgrade After A Breakup In The Woman They Choose To Date?Men don’t have anywhere near as many dating options as women do.

When they go through a breakup, they are going to settle for what they can get.

For the average guy, settling for a less attractive woman than the one he previously dated is his reality.

It’s not like he has a smartphone filled with the phone numbers of a plethora of attractive female dating prospects to choose from.

He doesn’t have anything close to that.

Besides, he has been out of the dating market for a while.

Now that he has gone through a breakup, he is back out on the market, and the pickings are slim.

Unless he is a celebrity, highly attractive or a high value man, there hasn’t been a bevy of attractive women waiting for him to become single again.

He is an average guy who is back on the dating market and he doesn’t have many choices.

With this bleak reality, he downgrades to a woman that is showing him romantic interest.

The pickings are slim and he is going to date whatever he can get.

As an average man, he isn’t in a position to be picky.

Women aren’t champing at the bit to become his new girlfriend.

Although the new woman in his life is a downgrade, she is a much better option than having no girlfriend at all.

He chooses to date her so that he has someone.

She quickly facilitates in keeping him from continually thinking about the breakup.

This speaks to his propensity to avoid dealing with his emotions.

Men rarely want to contend with the emotional repercussions of a breakup.

It is how so many men are raised.

They are taught to be strong and by so doing to avoid considering how they feel and why they are feeling it.

To this end, so many men shorn going through the motions of what they are feeling in the immediate aftermath of a breakup.

For him, it is much easier to find a new girlfriend to date irrespective of whether she is a downgrade from his previous girlfriend or not.

It is better to have someone in his life than no one.

Even though she is a downgrade in comparison to his previous girlfriend, there are other advantages to having her in his life as someone he is newly dating.

She gives him compliments, which in turn, makes him feel so much better about himself, increasing his self-esteem.

This is critical.

After a breakup, a man can easily feel like his self-esteem is in the gutter.

He questions his attractiveness and worthiness.

When a woman he is newly dating gives him compliments, it reassures him that he isn’t worthless.

In her eyes, he is a gem, and this makes him feel so much better about himself.

Even though she is a downgrade in comparison to his previous girlfriend, she is serving a purpose.

This is a plus for him.

Furthermore, she is meeting his physical needs as far as intimacy is concerned.

Unlike women, the average man isn’t as picky in terms of who they will sleep with.

Given the sheer volume of testosterone that men produce within them, they have a higher sexual libido than women do.

This means that they are far more inclined to sleep with women they aren’t all that attracted to, so as to satiate said libido.