Who Should Pay When You Go Out On A Date With A Girl?

Who Should Pay When You Go Out On A Date With A Girl?Although modern society has excelled with gender equality, traditional roles in dating still persist.

When you go out on a date with a girl, you should pay for the date.

Even if she makes an attempt to split the bill at the end of the date, pay for it anyway.

Girls who bring out their pocketbooks to help pay for a date at the end of it, would much rather the guy pay.

She is being polite in gesturing to pay her share, but you mustn’t fall for it.

Deep down, she wants you to pay for the date.

This is our biological nature.

Women have a hormone called estrogen, which makes them feminine and docile.

Men have testosterone, which makes them masculine and aggressive.

On a biological level, this makes either gender play their natural roles in courtship.

The man is the aggressor.

He is the one who asks her out and courts her.

The woman is docile.

She is the one who is asked on a date and courted.

This is our biological nature.

No matter how far modern society grows, our biological nature isn’t usurped.

Women have a natural expectation to be pursued by a man.

Men have a natural inclination to be the pursuer.

This is why it makes sense that you pay for a date that you are out on with a girl.

You are the one who asked her out.

This is another reason why she expects you to pay for the date, even though she doesn’t verbalize it.

Women expect a guy who asks her out on a date to pay for the date.

In asking her out, he opened the door to this courtship.

He is leading.

She expects him to continue leading by paying for the date.

All of this been said, you don’t have to go all out on a date.

There is no need to be extravagant by taking her to the most expensive restaurants on your first couple of dates.

Whether you are on a budget or not, be prudent in how you go about these dates.

Keep it affordable without overdoing it in the early dates.

A guy that is too extravagant in where he takes a girl on an early date is trying too hard, which is a turn off to girls.

It’s as though you are covering up a weak personality by spending loads of money on her on an extravagant date.

Additionally, extravagance opens you up to being taken advantage of by bad actors.

This is where a few of these women decide to take advantage of your generosity, knowing full well that she isn’t romantically interested in you.

Don’t walk into this trap.

Pay for the dates, but be reasonable with where you take her.

You don’t know this girl all that well.

She doesn’t deserve to be taken to the most popular 5 star restaurants on your first one or two dates.

Don’t overdo it this early.

Should you hit it off with her and believe that she is worth it, splurge on her later.