Where Can I Find A Decent Girlfriend To Date And Share My Life With?

Where Can I Find A Decent Girlfriend To Date And Share My Life With?Think seriously about the sort of girlfriend you want, without ambiguity.

Envision a life with this girl and the activities you would want to partake in with her.

Write down what her qualities are.

Write the good with the bad.

Basically, don’t get caught up in only writing out everything you like about this girl, as you are doing this exercise on who you envision her to be.

Write down what you are open to tolerating too.

These are her quirks, idiosyncrasies, weaknesses, etc.

When you write out the good with the bad, you get a definitive outlook on the human being you are hoping to attract.

She isn’t perfect.

No one is.

This exercise of including the good with the bad, in terms of what she brings, keeps you from getting carried away with unrealistic ideas of what your ideal girlfriend is.

A decent girlfriend is one that meets a good number of what you are looking to find in a partner, with flaws included.

Have a general idea of what these flaws are, so that you know whether you are capable of tolerating them.

Now that you have a clear vision of what you want your girlfriend to be like, where do you find her?

She is wherever you go.

Instead of specifically looking to find her at some magical place, be vigilant of the women you come across on a daily basis.

Whenever you are on a bus, train, or rideshare that is occupied with several passengers, there is an opening to initiate a conversation with the girl sitting next to you or across from you.

How often do you ignore these women whenever you are in these environments?

Far too much.

The girl sitting next to you or in front of you on a bus, train or rideshare has the potential to be the decent girlfriend that you are looking to find.

Without opening a conversation with her, you will never know.

If you are worried about how to do this, use the environment you are in as an opening topic.

Ask her about something to do with the bus’s route or make a statement in reference to it.

This is an opening topic that she relates to, being that she has probably taken this bus several times and is familiar with its route.

From here, should there be chemistry and interest, the conversation expands to a different topic.

Use the same attitude wherever you go.

When you are waiting in line at your favorite coffee shop, start a conversation with the girl in front or behind you in line by using an opening topic that relates to the coffee shop.

Asking a woman’s opinion is a fantastic method to open a conversation with her.

Women love the idea that their opinion matters to someone.

Being asked about her opinion gets her excited about the prospect of sharing her opinion with you.

Ask her about her opinion on a coffee drink that you are thinking about purchasing when you get to the counter.

This opens up a conversation that leads to an exchange of contact information, if you connect with each other.

In a perfect scenario, she ends up being the decent girlfriend that you have been looking for.

When you habitually initiate conversations with women you come across as you go about your daily life, you get closer and closer to meeting that one girl that becomes the decent girlfriend you have been looking to find.