When You Meet A Beautiful Woman, When Would Be The Right Time To Kiss Her?

When You Meet A Beautiful Woman, When Would Be The Right Time To Kiss Her?Even though you want more than anything to kiss her, don’t get ahead of yourself.

In getting ahead of yourself, you ruin a courtship that was promising.

As long as she is responding to your phone calls, text messages, and going out on dates with you, she is facilitating the courtship.

Try not to get lost in how beautiful of a woman she is.

She knows she is beautiful.

She has been told she is beautiful her whole life.

Numerous men from her past and present have given her special treatment on account of how beautiful she is.

This is special treatment that she never did anything to earn.

Yet, she has been at the receiving end of this special treatment for as long as she can remember.

These men have inconvenienced themselves to do favors for her that she never requested.

Men have given up their position in long lines to let her jump the line.

She has been given extravagant gifts that she never asked for nor earned.

She has been asked on endless extravagant dates where men have taken her to the most expensive restaurants to impress her.

Men have proposed marriage to her on a first date.

As a beautiful woman, she has lived a lifestyle that you can’t begin to imagine.

When your behavior matches that of these men, as you court her, you commit a grave error.

You are showing her that you are giving her all the credit in the world that she hasn’t earned.

In fawning over her with the same obsession as men from her past and present, you give her a bitter taste of what she has become so accustomed to as a beautiful woman.

That of feeling like an object.

This is never a good feeling.

Regardless of her beauty, she wants to be treated and regarded as a human being.

When she is given special treatment that she hasn’t earned, she knows that the total motivation behind it has everything to do with her beauty.

This dehumanizes her, making her believe that the man only cares about what appeals to him aesthetically, as opposed to what matters most, what is within.

You set yourself apart from these men by not giving in to her beauty and putting her on a pedestal that she doesn’t believe she has earned nor deserves.

In treating her with respect, but without blind adulation for her beauty, you give her the impression that you are someone who looks for substance in another human being.

The substantive questions that you ask her about herself makes her believe this even more.

She is used to guys being so enamored by her beauty that conversation with them is far too superficial.

There is little substance to what they say.

Rather, everything seems to come back to how beautiful she is.

She hates this.

For once, she wants to be treated as a human being, not a beauty object to be salivated over.

When you have the discipline to court her with the respect afforded a human being, you make her feel safe.

The safety she feels makes her lower her guard.

This is when she is suddenly touching you from time to time and giving you lighthearted compliments.

Once you are here, you have done a good job in getting her to see you as someone she can trust.

The right time to kiss her happens when she is clearly looking at you with an intensity that is begging for you to lean over and do it.