When Should You Go Back To A Guy Who Dumped You?

When Should You Go Back To A Guy Who Dumped You?When you are in the midst of emotional turmoil, it blinds you.

Basically, you are emotionally compromised.

Since you got dumped, you have struggled with the breakup.

You have never fully gotten over the breakup, regardless of how much you have tried to convince yourself otherwise.

You can go for a week or two without thinking about the breakup.

Nevertheless, all it takes is a moment that triggers your memory banks.

The next thing you know, you are desperately thinking about your ex-boyfriend.

These moments have occurred time and time again since he dumped you.

A piece of music comes through on the radio and your memory banks get triggered.

You remember dancing with him to that exact song while you were in a relationship with him.

All of a sudden, after a week or two of not thinking about the breakup, it is back in your thoughts.

You tear up in these moments.

This is how you know that you aren’t over this guy.

The reality is, you haven’t moved on emotionally from him.

Keeping this in mind, you mustn’t let your emotions influence your decision-making in regards to whether you should go back to him.

When you are emotionally compromised, you are blinded by your desire to feel as emotionally fulfilled as you were when he was your boyfriend.

Since he dumped you, the emotional void that was left in its wake has never been refilled.

You have tried talking to new guys, and going out on dates with them.

Although they were nice enough, it didn’t work.

None of these guys gave you what he did.

None of them gave you that sense of comfort and safety that you felt with him.

A level of comfort and security that hasn’t been matched since he dumped you.

Selfishly, you want that level of comfort and security back, along with the emotional fulfillment he gave you.

In this vain, you are entirely vulnerable to giving in to going back to him.

Sadly, your emotions are keeping you from seeing reason.

Don’t forget that there was a reason why he dumped you in the first place.

That reason hasn’t gone away.

At this time, he is lonely and horny.

Guys know that it is much easier to go back to a girl they used to date, than to find a new girl to date.

He wants back, but it isn’t for the reason that you are longing for.

He wants back for his own selfish purposes, intending to get attention from you and his sexual needs met.

Going back to you to get these cravings met is far easier than looking for someone new.

In going back to him, you give him what he wants.

But remember, the reason why he dumped you in the first place hasn’t gone away.

Soon enough, that issue is going to become a factor in your renewed relationship, and he is primed to dump you once again.

At this point, he has been able to use you long enough to get what he wants.

A new girl has conveniently come along and he is about to dump you once again to date her.