When Does A Guy Realize That He Wants More Than Just Sex With A Girl He Is Casually Dating?

When Does A Guy Realize That He Wants More Than Just Sex With A Girl He Is Casually Dating?This is a guy that is thinking long term about the girl and is no longer taking her lightly.

When it was all about having sex, he primarily thought about just that, sex.

He realizes that he wants more than just sex when sex is not the primary thought in his mind whenever he thinks about her.

Instead of being fixated on seeing her that week and having sex with her, he is thinking about cooking for her or watching a movie together.

Basically, the thought of having sex with her isn’t as prevalent.

He is envisioning what it would be like to take her out on a date, go on a trip together, or introduce her to his friends.

Casually dating her has been fun, but that isn’t enough anymore.

He doesn’t want to send random texts primarily intent on flirting with her and setting up a time to meet for sex anymore.

He wants to have substantive conversations with her.

As a consequence, his text messages to her are no longer random and solely fixated on sexual flirtation and setting up a time to meet for sex.

His text messages are greeting her with a “Good Morning” message.

This is followed up by several texts throughout the day to engage in conversation with her.

He is asking her about how her day is going, what she is having for lunch, if she is thinking about him, and what she is doing after work.

He is cracking jokes to make her laugh or feel good.

The flirting is at a minimum.

Instead, he is asking her insightful questions about her past and relating to what she says by giving her personal anecdotes of his own.

When a guy realizes that he wants more than just sex, his behavior and perception of the casual relationship changes.

It’s a different perspective.

A shift.

The text messages to you become more frequent.

His text messages are focused on getting to know you better as a person, and simultaneously being more open with you about his own life experiences.

Instead of solely intending on having sex with you whenever you are with him, he is doing something else such as cooking for you or watching a TV show with you.

He suddenly wants to hang out with you outside of the bedroom by taking you out on dates or doing a fun activity with you.

When you observe all of this behavior, you have your evidence.

He wants more than just sex and is no longer content with casually dating you.

You become someone that he wants to share important news with.

If something important occurs at work or in his personal relationships, he wants to share that information with you to get your input or to make you aware.

Were he to get a promotion at work, you are one of an eclectic group of people in his social circle that he contacts to tell about it.

Were he to buy a new item that he is excited about, he tells you about it.

In the event of a loss in the family, he tells you about it.

He wants to have you be a part of his life, for the good and the bad.

When a guy realizes that he wants more than just sex, his actions bear that out.