What To Do When You Have A Boyfriend With A Wandering Eye Who Won’t Change This Behavior?

What To Do When You Have A Boyfriend With A Wandering Eye Who Won't Change This Behavior?A boyfriend with a wandering eye is never good.

No doubt, you have had several moments in the past where you have complained about his wandering eye.

When you initially spotted this behavior, you didn’t say anything, being that you didn’t want to be the quintessential jealous girlfriend.

That was the last thing you wanted.

You were so intent on being a good dutiful girlfriend in every way imaginable.

As a result, you didn’t say anything.

But his wandering eye kept happening.

It got so bad that you eventually had to say something about it.

He apologized about it and you thought the issue was solved.

It wasn’t.

He was cooperative for a while, making an effort to avoid checking women out in public.

But it didn’t last long.

He was at it again.

Checking out women right in front of you, brazenly.

That has left you at a loss.

Since he started using his wandering eye again, you have been considering breaking up with him.

You talked to friends and family about it.

Many of them told you to do it.

Yet, you haven’t pulled the trigger.

There is a part of you that doesn’t want to throw away everything that you have had with your boyfriend.

Although he has a wandering eye, there are facets to his personality that you like.

There have been a number of good experiences shared.

But you know that his wandering eye is forever a factor that dampens whatever good there is in your relationship with him.

You are right.

A wandering eye is a problem, and is dangerous.

A guy with a wandering eye who becomes more brazen over time is susceptible to acting on it.

Yes, this means that he cheats on you with a woman who responds positively to his wandering eye.

A wandering eye mustn’t be ignored.

Although you have indicated in the past that you don’t like it, that isn’t enough.

It’s time to raise the stakes.

Tell him that his wandering eye is a boundary that you don’t want him to cross.

Having a conversation about boundaries is a must in a relationship.

You should have had this conversation in the early stages of your relationship.

You didn’t.

But it’s time to do it, even though it is belated.

Tell him that his wandering eye is a boundary for you.

It is a serious issue that you don’t take lightly.

For boundaries to work, either partner has to divulge what their boundaries are, and respect said boundaries.

This means that you honor whatever boundaries he asks of you as well, as long as they agree with you.

Relationships are about compromise.

Have a conversation about boundaries with him right away.

So far, you have given him the impression that his wandering eye is something that irritates you, but doesn’t completely turn you off.

That has to change.

Have a conversation about boundaries with him.

A boyfriend that loves you, respects your boundaries.

A boyfriend that breaks this boundary is no longer worthy of getting the benefits of having you as a girlfriend., nor does he deserve to have his boundaries respected either.

Either way, he has to be made fully aware that there are dire consequences to his behavior.

If he values his relationship with you and all the privileges that come with it, he acquiesces and makes the adjustments required to his behavior.