What Should I Wear When I Hang Out With My Crush Tomorrow?

What Should I Wear When I Hang Out With My Crush Tomorrow?Being that this is your crush, it’s likely that you want to impress him when you hang out with him tomorrow.

To this end, you give yourself the idea that you should wear something that catches his eye.

This is irrespective of how comfortable or uncomfortable you are in the outfit.

This is the wrong approach.

What matters most is your comfort while you are at this hangout with your crush.

What you wear is critical to this.

Wearing an outfit that you are comfortable in puts you in a much healthier frame of mind during the course of the date.

The opposite of this occurs when you wear an outfit that you aren’t all that comfortable in.

Instead of focusing on having a good conversation with him, you are thinking about how painful the shoes you are wearing are.

These are shoes that you already knew weren’t all that comfortable, but you wore anyway, wanting to impress your crush with them.

If it’s not the uncomfortable shoes, it’s the outfit itself.

It’s itchy or prickly in specific areas and you keep having to adjust it to relieve yourself from the discomfort.

The outfit is too tight at specific areas of your body and you are constantly moving around, desperate to relieve the strain on that part of your body.

You see, what you wear to hang out with your crush tomorrow matters.

You have until tomorrow to come up with the right outfit to wear.

But, you don’t need that much time to figure this out.

Wear an outfit that fits whatever environment you are meeting your crush at tomorrow, but that is comfortable to you too.

It’s an outfit you have worn before.

Although you are excited about hanging out with your crush tomorrow, you mustn’t make the error of thinking that the occasion warrants a brand new outfit.

Buying a brand new outfit for the occasion is risky.

You would be wearing an outfit that you aren’t familiar with.

This is an outfit you expressly purchased for this occasion.

You have no idea how comfortable you would be in this outfit over time.

Don’t get misled into thinking that the outfit is comfortable based off of you trying it on at the department store and feeling comfortable in it.

Yes, it feels comfortable in that moment, but how comfortable will you be in it over the course of several hours.

If the hang-out with your crush tomorrow goes well, it’s probable that you are going to be spending several hours with him.

A new outfit that hasn’t been broken into, that you have freshly purchased off the rack at a department store, could make you feel uncomfortable after a while of being at a date with a guy.

You don’t know how this new outfit adheres to your skin and body shape.

The outfit hasn’t been broken into, leaving you open to all sorts of unpleasant surprises during the course of the date.

Why risk making yourself uncomfortable at a date due to an outfit?

Play it safe.

Wear an outfit you have already worn before several times that has been broken into.

It has already been laundered several times and your body shape and skin has adhered to it.

This is the outfit that you are going to be the most comfortable in.

Wear this to the hang-out tomorrow and improve your chances of having a successful date.