What Is Wife Material To Men Who Are Looking For A Life Partner?

What Is Wife Material To Men Who Are Looking For A Life Partner?A woman who is devoted and nonjudgmental is wife material to men.

She supports him through the ups and downs in life.

He knows he can rely on her to give him advice and trusts his judgment when he makes a decision.

A woman that is wife material is a woman he isn’t afraid of opening up to.

He isn’t fearful that she is going to judge him if he opens up to her and shows weakness.

This is critical for men who want a woman as a wife and life partner.

He knows that there are bound to be moments where he isn’t as strong as he would want to be.

He has to know that his wife won’t devalue and disrespect him in these moments.

Instead, she listens and is uplifting.

A woman that is wife material is someone that he knows won’t embarrass him with friends, family, coworkers and people at large.

As his wife, she is a reflection of him.

Should she embarrass him before his friends, family, coworkers or people at large, it looks really bad on him.

He is looked down upon when this happens and that hurts his social status.

As a man, his social status is a reflection of the amount of respect he is given.

When all these people lose respect for him on account of his wife, he is in a horrible position.

He has to do a lot of extra work to earn that respect back and this puts a lot of undue pressure on him.

This undue pressure has an added effect of making him upset at his wife.

This strains his relationship with her.

Knowing that his wife is an extension of him, he is disappointed that she has put in this predicament.

To have to do all this damage control as a result of an embarrassment that she caused, makes her more of a liability to him than an asset.

Men think practically.

The thought that his wife is more of a liability than an asset forces him to contemplate whether it is worth it to keep her as his wife.

This mindset is dangerous, as it has the potential to lead to a divorce.

As his wife, you are his representative.

Never forget this.

Wherever you go and whatever you do is relevant.

If you don’t carry yourself well, the backlash gets back to him and this is a recipe for unnecessary stress in a marriage.

A woman of wife material to a man defends him.

When he is being denigrated or disrespected by someone, you speak up for him.

You don’t let his name be run through the mud.

Men are all about respect and honor.

Anyone who is speaking disparagingly about him is disrespecting and dishonoring him.

This goes for friends, family, coworkers and people at large.

A husband expects his wife to defend him when he is being disparaged by others.

When you keep quiet, he interprets it as a sign that you agree with those who are putting him down, and that makes him question your loyalty to him.