What Is A Guy’s Ideal Body Type In A Woman That He Wants To Date?

What Is A Guy's Ideal Body Type In A Woman That He Wants To Date?Guy’s are eclectic in the body types that they are attracted to in a woman.

Being that guys are less picky than girls, they have a tendency to be open to a wide range of body types on a woman.

Whether it be fat, stocky, average, slender, petite, and so on.

This being said, there are body types that are the most popular if given a choice for guys.

That of a girl with a slim waist and a healthy figure that is natural and feminine.

Guys love to see that a woman has the quintessential curves of a woman, and those curves being accentuated in the right places on her body.

A woman with a slim waist to hip ratio is mightily appealing.

This sends the message that she has a healthy lifestyle and speaks to her childbearing abilities.

This is biological in nature.

Regardless of how far along our society has gone in technological advances and societal changes in gender roles, men and women still have a biological imperative to look for their opposite in the opposite gender.

A woman is looking for physical attributes that point to how well of a protector and provider a man is, and a man looks to physical attributes that speak to her femininity and ability to bear children.

A woman with a waist to hip ratio that emphasizes wider hips below a slim waist matches the biological imperative of many men.

It sends a subliminal message that she can bear healthy children.

Health is key.

A woman that appears to have a healthy shape that is conducive to childbearing gives him the immediate reassurance that he can propagate his biological legacy through her.

This is a biological imperative that he can’t help.

Just as women can’t help the biological imperative to look for physical features that point to a man that is a protector and provider.

All of this being said, guys have a tendency to date what they grew up around too.

If a guy grows up in a family and neighborhood where the women around him were of a certain body type, he has a tendency to look for that body type in the women he dates.

That body type is familiar to him, making it safe.

For example, a man that grew up in a family and neighborhood with women of athletic build, is likely to date women who are of athletic build.

The same for men who grew up in families and neighborhoods with fat, slim, short, tall or amorphously shaped women.

As human beings we gravitate to what we know.

What we know is comfortable and safe.

It’s what we saw growing up, while our brains were still absorbing information from the outside world trying to make sense of it.

With this in mind, if you want to figure out the ideal body type in a woman that a guy you fancy in your neighborhood is into, take a look at his mother, sister and the women in the neighborhood.

If your body type matches theirs, you have a shot with this guy.