What Does It Mean If Your Ex Sends You A Body Pic Out Of Nowhere?

What Does It Mean If Your Ex Sends You A Body Pic Out Of Nowhere?In sending you a body pic, he was fishing to see how you would react to it.

He is your ex.

An ex that is familiar with what you like about his body.

After all, he dated you for an amount of time.

He knows what turns you on about his body and that is what he is counting on in sending you a body pic.

Right now, he hasn’t found a girl to replace you as his girlfriend.

And as a red-blooded guy, he is horny.

It’s easier to seek attention from an ex than to do so with someone new.

He knows that getting out into the world to find a girl to replace you is grueling.

So far, he has failed in his attempts to find this girl.

That leaves him craving physical intimacy.

He got used to getting laid on a regular basis while he was your boyfriend.

Now that he doesn’t have access to that, and hasn’t replaced you with a new girl, he wants to gauge whether you are feeling as horny as he is.

He doesn’t want to ask you outright about this.

There is pride at play.

Given that he is your ex, he doesn’t want to appear desperate by coming right out and asking you whether you are lonely and horny.

Rather, he chooses to send you a body pic instead.

Remember, he has dated you in the past.

He knows the parts of his body that you are attracted to.

The intention of the body pic is to entice you.

He knows that you love that part of his body, and is banking on you reacting to it by sending him a flirtatious message in response.

From here, he knows that it is only a matter of time before he gets you to warm up to the idea of reuniting with him for a sexual encounter.

Be warned, none of this confirms that he wants to be your boyfriend again.

A body pic is sexual stimuli.

This means that he is thinking with the head below his waist, not the head above his shoulders.

If you believe that you are still emotionally compromised whenever you think about this ex-boyfriend, you aren’t at a place to entertain a sexual dalliance with him.

You are much too weak emotionally.

Having sex with him while you are in this emotional morass makes everything worse.

All of a sudden, there is a torrent of emotions that you struggle to grapple with and temper.

Being a woman, you are inclined to develop emotional bonds when you have sex with a guy you like.

This is female nature.

And you must avoid putting yourself in greater emotional turmoil by having sex with him.

No matter how much you tell yourself that he is sincere in wanting to return to your life as a loving boyfriend, this is your emotional desire talking.

Don’t listen to it.

He sent you a body pic.

An ex-boyfriend who sends you a body pic is interested in having sex with you, and not much else.

If there was a genuine desire in him to reconnect with you and work on rebuilding a committed relationship, he would be having insightful conversations with you, not sending you a body pic.

As long as you are emotionally compromised, it isn’t wise to let him back into your life.

Sleeping with him further muddles your compromised emotions.

Keep working on getting your mental health to a better place.

That is what matters now.