What Do Girls Like To Talk About The Most With Guys?

What Do Girls Like To Talk About The Most With Guys?Girls like to talk about themselves with guys.

Yes, the most interesting topic to her is…her.

When you are asking her questions about herself, you are giving her the impression that you care about her as a person.

This encourages her to open up to you about who she is and what her life is like.

Human beings are selfish creatures.

We love to talk about ourselves and crave validation.

When a conversation is centered on us, there is an elevation of pride and self-importance.

He is giving her his undivided attention, curious about her.

This puts her center stage, and at the receiving end of his curiosity.

Yes, she gets a rush of dopamine from this.

For a guy to be this interested in getting to know her, she must be that interesting.

This is reassurance that she has value and uniqueness.

All of this being said, there are topics that branch out of talking about herself.

That of her personal relationships.

Women are social creatures.

She is emotionally fulfilled by the relationships in her life.

That of which she has with her friends, family, coworkers, dentist, cat, dog, you name it.

Women are energized by the relationships they keep in their lives.

She wants to talk to guys about these relationships.

In doing so, she is excited about bringing those relationships to life to the guy.

When he listens to her and asks her follow-up questions about these relationships, she is in her element.

For example, she is speaking to him about her relationship with her dog, talking about what her dog did that morning.

The guy is listening to her and asking her follow-up questions on what she is telling him about her dog.

This makes her think about her dog, and she feels amazing.

After all, she loves her dog and a guy that is listening to her as she talks about said dog, and asking follow-up questions, is demonstrating an appreciation for those that matter in her life.

All of this is encouraging to her.

It is further proof that the guy cares about what she is like and what matters to her in her life.

From here, she wants to know whether this is a guy that she relates to.

Until now, he has let her talk about herself and her relationships, which has put her in a positive headspace.

Given that these are all elements that matter to her.

Now, she wants to see whether there is a correlation between her life and his.

This is where she is asking you whether you have a dog of your own, what your relationship is like with your parents, and what activity you did with your friends over the most recent holiday.

She is now interested in drawing parallels with what you have to say and everything she has told you about her life and personal relationships.

Where there is a consistency in correlation, she finds an emotional connection with you and opens herself up to the prospect of dating you.