What Are Signs That A Person Doesn’t Find Another Person From The Opposite Sex Attractive, Without Directly Saying So?

What Are Signs That A Person Doesn't Find Another Person From The Opposite Sex Attractive, Without Directly Saying So?When a person doesn’t find another person from the opposite sex attractive, there is an absence of flirting.

This gets a little confusing when he gives you a compliment, but you mustn’t misconstrue his compliment as a sign of attraction.

A guy that doesn’t want to directly say that he isn’t attracted to you is deliberate in how he compliments you.

He avoids complimenting you with a sensual implication.

As in, he doesn’t compliment your eyes, hair, lips, legs, etc.

These are areas that are considered sensual in nature.

He doesn’t compliment you on them.

Instead, if you do get a compliment from him on your physicality, it is directed at areas that aren’t sensual, such as your hands, shoulders, and such.

These are moments where he is compelled to give you a compliment, but is doing what he can to avoid giving you the impression that he is attracted to you.

It’s natural for a guy to want to give a woman a compliment as he gets to know her as a person.

Should he deem her as someone that he has no physical attraction for, he keeps his compliments platonic in nature.

A guy like this has the same approach when he compliments an outfit that you are wearing.

Should you be wearing an outfit that looks sexy on you, that hugs the curves of your shapely body, he goes out of his way to avoid making his compliment sensual.

Considering that he is a person of the opposite sex that isn’t attracted to you, he keeps his compliment on your outfit as platonic as possible.

He tells you that you look nice.

Telling you that you look nice is a fairly neutral comment.

It doesn’t insinuate that he thinks you look sexy.

It is a comment that anyone hears and effortlessly interprets as a statement made by someone who was being kind.

He is hoping that you take it exactly like that.

A kind comment and nothing more.

On the other hand, a guy that finds you attractive can’t resist but compliment you in a sensual fashion.

He tells you that you look drop-dead gorgeous.

This is a sensual comment that is also tasteful.

He doesn’t want to go too far.

This would be a guy who isn’t positive that you are attracted to him, so he plays it fairly safe by using that phrase, knowing that it has a enough of a sensual innuendo to it.

The guy who isn’t physically attracted to you is less inclined to get himself in intimate situations with you, where it is solely the two of you present.

This is where he is in a room with you, and only you.

This is uncomfortable.

Being in a one on one situation with you makes him feel uneasy, as he knows that he isn’t attracted to you, and doesn’t want you to misconstrue the moment as a sign that he is attracted to you and wants to sequester your physical attention.

If he inadvertently finds himself in a situation where he is in an intimate one on one setting with you, he does everything he can to maintain an appropriate distance from you.

He won’t sit next to you.

He finds a separate seat to sit on and doesn’t put in that much effort to initiate or keep a conversation going.

Instead, he looks for a distraction by grabbing an item in the room and looking it over, or getting up to study a picture on the wall.

All of this maintains a safe distance from you.

This is his buffer.

It’s much easier to have this buffer, as it facilitates in keeping him from having to tell you directly that he isn’t attracted to you.