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  1. I first blocked this guy and then he blocked me. Was that childish from him! Did he block me hurt my feelings as well?

  2. Hi Trish,

    Yes, he blocked you to hurt your feelings as well. He wanted to get back at you.

    People tend to take things like being blocked personally.

    Hence, they react out of emotion and may respond in a way that seems childish.

    But to them, at the time, they don’t see it that way.

    They see you as being the bad guy because you blocked them first and thereby, they are merely getting back at you in kind.

  3. Hi Luke,

    My story is kind of sad. I lost my virginity to this guy after meeting these guy thru a mutual friends. I held out for two months before I have in because I never thought he would treat me the way he has treated me now. Several days or weeks after that I started to see him less because he wasn’t available for me he would ignore my texts and calls. He was working full time and going to school. He still kept in touch I saw him during the summer and he told me he wasn’t ready for relationship he wants to be alone. I panicked and unfollowed him on all social media. But then I decided to wait for him to be ready. I would always ask when he would be ready to be in relationship and constantly ask him that. Anyways he always gave me the same answer which was no. Today he decided to block me on Instagram while I messaged him saying it was disrespectful how he ignored all of my Facebook messages when I was just trying to make sure he was ok. He pretty much said let’s continue as friends and that he isn’t ready. He then asked “why can’t you just leave me alone and move on with ur life “? And also said that I was just pushing him to do something he doesn’t want. I want to point out that I was so nice to him I never argued with him I never made him feel less I always came to visit him I did everything right because I knew I would love him better than anyone else. People have told me that I’m too pretty for him but I never let that affect how I saw him. Please help me

  4. I also want to add that in the beginning my gut told me he was a bad person but he was nice too me and he always always texted me he made me fall in love with him made me think he actually had feelings for me it wasn’t after we had sex that he started to withdraw little by little. Even tho my intial reaction was to unfollow him on all’ social media I came back around and decided to Wait but couple of months later I asked again and again where we stand and how much I had feelings for him I just don’t understand why someone wouldn’t at least give it try. Even though people said I was too pretty for him it never mattered to me. And he did tell me that in the past he has gotten bored of some girls and lost touch which should have been warning number 2. oh and I’m 25 he is 30sometning. I know he hates his job cause it doesn’t pay well and he has to help his family back home but as a guy what do you think is going on here ?

  5. What is going on here?
    in the past I believe he is sweet and good guy
    I said he will never hurt me , he block me on what
    I am grateful for his advice before i told him thanks . I went to create a account to appologize to him he sudden block me from message and I like his picture and he block me again ? I decided to leave him from now on I have learn my lesson don’t go there

  6. I have a guy friend and we have been good friends for a 8 months. We speak to each other nearly every other day and usually will be throughout the whole day. He is a rather emotional and sensitive guy, but a good guy nonetheless… I have always gotten the vibe that he has feelings for him. But we have spoken and agreed that we have no expectations with each other and that we will be open and honest in our communication. He is the kind of guy that hasn’t had a great dating experience and can be quite cynical at times.

    Everything turned out fine until Monday we bantered (which is common for us) and we both agreed to stop roasting each other. He complimented on a picture that I looked good (in my swimsuit) Then he asked me to do him a favor to make a list of movies for his nieces and nephews to which I said I would.

    Tuesday, I deactivated my FB and called it a day. On Wednesday I went to send the list on FB messenger and he had blocked me to my shock.

    Any advice on that??…I found it so bizarre because I considered him to be a close friend and it was super strange with no indication that he was upset or mad at me if anything it seemed like an ordinary friendship day.

    Just wondering why that would be seeing as it makes no sense and never seen this kind of behavior from him before.

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