2 thoughts on “If You And Your Ex Keep Breaking Up But Getting Back, Is It Meant To Be Or Destined To Fail?”

  1. Hi luke,

    I’m a sophmore in high school, and I’ve had a crush since Freshman year. I’m not allowed to date yet because I haven’t learned to drive, or got a job. I feel like my crush dosent like me, but I’m not really sure. Sometimes when I’m right in front of her when I see her talking to other guys, she ignores me. She probably knows I have feelings for her, so she dosent know what to do or say. I’ve had a habit of staring at her sometimes during class, and she probably notices. I might just back off and leave her alone for awhile. Ive just been friends with her, but I hope to develop a relationship with her in the future. It’s not that I’m trying to make her uncomfortable or anything, I just want to fix things with her because she never starts anything conversations or walk up and talk to me, and vice versa. What’s the best way I can reconcile and make her feel comfortable and more relaxed around me?

  2. Hi John,

    A good way to reconcile and make her feel comfortable and more relaxed around you is to start conversations with her more often around topics that you know she is interested in.

    This is how you can start building some rapport with her so that she begins to feel more and more comfortable whenever she is around you.

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