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  1. Hi,
    I have a quick question. I have been talking to this guy that I met online for the last three weeks. We went on a first date recently, yesterday actually. After the date, I am wondering if he really likes me. He did not even attempt to touch me once during the date and he did not try to kiss me at the end. He also didn’t compliment my appearance once either. He did make eye contact and smile at me. He asked me a few questions throughout but not a lot I am just not sure. Earlier today he told me that after our date he was telling his roommate about me and the date so I asked him what he said. He replied that he told him he had a great time and that he opened up a lot more than he usually would on a first date. But nothing about what he thought of me. Although he did ask me out for another date, I think I can tell all these signs show me that he probably doesn’t like me too much or that his interest has waned. I guess I just wanted reassurance that I am right. And it’s also kind of like what you said in one of your videos, I’m trying to grasp for something that’s not there.

  2. I also wanted to add that when we texted this man was so flirtatious but yesterday, he was barely flirting or teasing me. Maybe the onus was on me to initiate and I should have started some of it and gauged his response.

  3. Hi Shani,

    He did ask you for another date.

    That is typically a good sign.

    He may have felt really nervous the first time around.

    Some guys are.

    The second date may be what he needs in order to start feeling comfortable around you.

    Before casting further judgment, go on this second date first and observe his body language.

    If he is more flirtatious with you and touches you often, he may have gotten over the nerves and is now being more natural with you.

    From here, you may both be able to start moving forward romantically in the dating process.

  4. Hi, I need your help in this situation, I would be really happy with your oppinion.
    I don’t know If a guy hates/likes or envies me.
    I am a girl, and there is this guy that I think is very confusing. He stares seriously at me a lot, he has complimented me and defended me from a guy that was annoying me, he has done small favors to me, like giving me my paper that was lying on the ground, what made me think he might like me. But the problem is that he is sometimes very rude, he does not like when I sit near him and he talks to me, he tries to be as brief as possible. Once, he stood in front of me watching me while I was reading. When I noticed, he made a question about a school work, which was very weird, because he only made the question when I realized he was near me. He threw an eraser at me and apologized many times, but I think he has done this purposely. The fact is that I don’t know If he likes me or envies/hates me. I am a good student, and when a guy was complimenting me saying that I would get the best grade, the other guy was talking to him as well, and he said, very rudely “let’s change the subject”. Then, this strange guy asked me If i answered a hard question of the test. It was so awkward. What this guy is feeling? Does he envy me, hate me or like me? I am so confused.

  5. *opinion.

    Also, I forgot to say that I have already caught this guy looking at me from another table in the lunch room. He had turned his head to see me in this situation. I’ve already caught him staring at me when I was talking to a girl, and when I saw him he did not turn away or smile. I smiled to not make It awkward, but then he turned his head and said or preteneded he was saying something to his friends, I have tried to understand this person, but I think It is almost impossible. I would be really grateful with your help.

  6. Hi Anne,

    His behavior indicates a strong degree of insecurity when it comes to you.

    He stares at you because he is intrigued by you.

    However, when he told that guy who was complimenting you about getting the best grade to change the subject, he was showing a part of him that is fearful that you may be better than him.

    He may feel threatened by that.

    Hence, he is feeling a combination of two emotions.

    One that is intrigued by you and the other that feels threatened.

    He constantly wrestles with these two emotions.

    If he would just allow this intrigue to flourish without the sense of insecurity he feels, he may actually end up liking you.

    But so far, he is unable to do so.

    That’s why one time he will be kind and give you your paper that was lying on the ground and another time he will be rude when you sit near him.

    The only way he can allow himself to truly like you is by overcoming this sense of insecurity he feels about you.

    However, that is not at all guaranteed.

    Hence, for the foreseeable future, he will most likely continue behaving the way he currently is around you.

  7. I am really grateful for your help! Your explanation does makes sense!!
    I have only one doubt: May this guy be jealous when the other guy was complimenting me, because he interrupted our conversation, said “let’s change the subject”, only asked me one question and then left me alone while he kept talking with the guy that was talking to me in the beginning? Or this rude manner is only due to the fact that he feels intimidated by me? Thank you a lot for your help!

  8. Hi,
    The situation that I’m having is a bit weird but let me start off by saying that I’m 14 years old and I happen to have a crush on this guy. At school he tends to look at me with a straight face all the time. One time I saw him starring but he didn’t even look away. He was starring at me with the same straight face. And there was this other time where he was against a wall and I pass by and he looks at me then scratches his forehead a little then slowly tries to hide behind a friend that apparently was in front of him. Recently, I was the one against the wall this time, he passes by next to me and was looking at my legs or my shoes I wasn’t sure what was he looking at. So I wanted to know what is he doing? does he like me? does he feel like I’m always around? its just weird. i never met this guy at all.

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