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  1. I have been always wondeing why guys judge women based on a universal scale (1 to 10. )How would a woman know where she ranks.
    on that scale.

  2. Hi Angela,

    One guy could rank you a 10 and another could rank you a 1.

    It just depends on what kind of woman that particular guy likes. There are so many different looks that a guy can find appealing.

    Hence, knowing where you rank as a woman is not really feasible.

    If you find that you tend to be around guys that rate you a certain way, you may want to start meeting new guys who may have totally different tastes in women who may rank you a lot higher than what you are used to.

  3. What does it mean if a guy knows you but when he walks past you at the corridor, he doesn’t smile. He just stares and walk past you. Why is that so? Thanks

  4. I notice that he notices me, and he seems to look a lot. However, I am not sure if he is interested in me or just playing with my feelings? And he talks to lots of girls, almost everyday, I see him with girls. I feel that he is a total flirt, but I still feel that he notice me. Do you think he is interested? Thank you so much 🙂

  5. Hi Gwendolyn,

    He may not be interested.

    He is not making any aggressive moves to talk to you or even give you a clear sign that he is interested.

    This isn’t a shy guy.

    As you stated, he talks to a lot of girls almost everyday and you see him with girls often. He obviously has no trouble talking to girls and flirting.

    Sure, he may be the kind of guy who plays games by talking to other girls and not to you.

    However, even though he seems to look at you a lot, he probably does the same with lots of other girls. This means that he may not have any real interest in you in particular.

  6. Hi Amelia Tan,

    If he does this often, he may be trying to send you a signal that he is interested but he isn’t going to make a move until he is certain that you feel the same way.

    As a result, he will walk past you at the corridor, staring but not smiling, because he may be worried about showing that he is interested when he isn’t certain that you feel the same way.

    So the fact that he doesn’t smile may be a defense mechanism so as not to give anything away.

  7. So, I’m playing online within guy in the U.S. I’m in Europe.
    In the beginning he said he is too busy in work to have a gf and thinks it would be unfair to get into a relationship when he has no time to give her.
    But, over the last two months he has started staying up late to message me when I wake and getting up early to message before I go to sleep.
    He shares pictures of himself and talks about his plans and interests and tells me when he is gonna be offline.
    He seems to just wanna chat…not doing so much in the game itself now.
    Now he is calling me Hun and sending kisses.
    Two weeks ago he sent “love you!” Which surprised me a lot because he already said he has no time for a relationship.
    I admit, although he is much younger than me…the personal attraction and tension is definitely there and growing , I really like this guy.
    I’m a bit confused at his mixed messages.
    Does he want a relationship with me?
    And how do I proceed without messing up a great friendship?

  8. Hi Climbingrose,

    He did tell you that he is really busy with work and thought it would be unfair to get into a relationship when he has no time.

    Hence, it doesn’t appear that he wants a romantic relationship with you.

    At this stage, you may have to take him at his word.

    He may be calling you “Hun” and sending you kisses but he may doing this because of his fondness of you.

    Try not to get carried away reading too much into messages like he sent two weeks ago that said, “love you!”

    In order to proceed without messing up a great friendship, just be yourself and enjoy the interaction without drawing conclusions.

  9. If a guy wants a relationship with a lady he will ask you out and pursue you. If he doesn’t that is on him. Move on with someone else if he doesn’t show an interest.

  10. I have a guy at my church who serves for Bishop and seems to act mad with heavy steps in walking if he serves in the back, but seems to be more relax when he serves the line opposite of me upfront and I always go to the front line. Sometimes I feel like him and I are connected with eye contacts. Last time when I stretched my neck and looked up, he was doing the same thing. I was gone for a weekend and when I got back last week, first i totally felt like there was avoiding eye contacts from him when siting upfront facing me, the moment I looked over him when he served the line opposite of me the front line, he didn’t seem like avoiding anymore. Yet, after church when I walked by him and said hi in a soft voice, he tended to look away on the side with head up like don’t care, don’t hear, know know, etc. I’m confused and can’t tell if he’s interested since he hasn’t put effort to say hi to me. I’m older than him.

  11. Hi Sooyun,

    He may like you but is really shy.

    Due to this, when he gets close to you, it’s hard for him to make eye contact and start a conversation.

  12. There’s a guy with whom i used to work with. At qork, he woulda always only tease me in the store and after i would be riled up he would stop. Although he was acting like this, he would still go out of his way to help me at work. Recently, he decided to leave for the army but told me as the last peraon even though we grew closer. When i heard he was leaving, i asked him about it and he joked saying he was going to be a “stripper” so i never knew until the last minute. After he stopped working with me, he decided that he was still going to keep in touch so now we run everyday with other people. One day though, everyone else canceled on the run but he still wanted me to come , and after we finished running ( normally we just leave), we talked for four hours . We still text most days.I am very confused by this guy. Is he interested? If he is , is the army deployment delaying his initiation?

  13. Hi Caroline,

    There seems to be a good amount of chemistry between the both of you which would indicate that he is interested in you.

    However, as you suspected, there is a good chance that his army deployment is delaying his initiation.

    He may be worried about starting something that he feels he would have to leave behind when he goes on army deployment.

    There may be a part of him that is tempted to start something but realizes that he wouldn’t be able to commit.

    As a result, he has most likely decided to keep things on friendly terms with you and not go any further.

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