Should You Need To Be Happy With Life, Outside Of Dating, To Have A Healthy Relationship With Someone?

Should You Need To Be Happy With Life, Outside Of Dating, To Have A Healthy Relationship With Someone?It’s critical that you are happy with life, outside of dating.

This makes you happy with who you are, independent of a relationship partner.

When you have this approach to life, it makes your romantic relationships so much healthier.

You aren’t relying on a partner to make you happy and keep you happy.

Outside of dating, you have established a lifestyle that makes you happy.

Whether it be in the activities you do, a life philosophy, or the platonic relationships you foster, you are happy.

This has nothing to do with a relationship partner.

This is about how you live your life to the fullest, not expecting any potential partner who comes into your life to make you happy.

With this approach to your life, you make a much better boyfriend.

When you choose to get into a romantic relationship, you aren’t doing it out of a desperate desire to find someone that makes you happy.

You are already happy.

In choosing to have a partner, you are merely adding to your happiness, not making your happiness dependent on said partner.

This is the right attitude.

One that fosters a healthy romantic relationship.

There are those who don’t have this approach to life.

They look to a partner to make them happy.

This is a guy who never bothered to build a full life outside of dating.

Upon getting into a romantic relationship with a woman, he makes her his entire life and the source of every single one of his needs.

She becomes his best friend, teacher, parent, and therapist, all wrapped in one.

This is far too much for her.

Over time, she is stressed out by having to be the one to keep him satisfied in all these areas of need.

She is tired of listening to his complaints about his complicated childhood.

He should have hired a therapist to help him with that before she ever showed up and became his girlfriend.

She is tired of making the decisions in every circumstance, like a parent would for a young child.

She is tired of him constantly wanting her attention, due to his lack of hobbies, when she just wants to put her feet up and rest for the day.

There is too much that is expected of her, and she soon realizes that this isn’t what she signed up for.

She didn’t choose to become his girlfriend with an expectation that she would be his everything.

She wanted to play the role of his girlfriend, not all the other roles that he has been imposing on her.

It’s inevitable that with this much unexpected pressure on her to play so many roles, she becomes mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted.

This leads to a resentment of him, and as time goes on, she relinquishes these roles.

Once this happens, the relationship is as good as dead.

This is why you need to be happy, outside of dating, before getting into a romantic relationship.

Doing this makes you a balanced individual who isn’t dependent on a partner for his happiness.

This relieves said partner from having to play multiple roles that are impossible to maintain, saving your relationship from falling apart in the foreseeable future.