Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend For His Bad And Disrespectful Behavior?

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend For His Bad And Disrespectful Behavior?It’s critical that you tell him about what is bothering you before considering breaking up with him.

Have a conversation with him about his bad and disrespectful behavior, but do this with a diplomatic approach.

Were you to use an accusatory approach to this conversation, you put him on the defensive, and this keeps him from taking what you have to say to heart.

He is too caught up in defending himself when you use an accusatory approach.

With this frame of mind, he won’t be open to what you have to say.

This only exacerbates the situation.

Keeping this in mind, use a diplomatic approach.

This calls for you to not only present accounts of when he has exhibited bad and disrespectful behavior towards you, but preface this by making a request that he tell you where you have been going wrong in the relationship.

In many instances, when a boyfriend is bad and disrespectful in a relationship, he is reacting to something that is bothering him about the relationship that he hasn’t verbalized to you.

Guys aren’t renowned for their prowess in expressing their feelings.

Instead of voicing his feelings when an incident transpires that he wasn’t happy with, he keeps it inside.

Unfortunately, this is negative energy within him that continues to build up as time goes on and there isn’t a resolution.

Being that he doesn’t speak up when these moments occur, you are completely oblivious to how he is feeling.

As far as you know, nothing happened.

The reality is, there was an incident.

A guy that isn’t expressing what bothers him in the moment, is keeping all those negative emotions inside.

This is never good, as it is only a matter of time before those negative emotions emerge in the form of bad and disrespectful behavior.

All of a sudden, he is snapping at you for nonsensical reasons or is too quick to call you bad names.

He is neglecting his responsibilities as a boyfriend, leaving you to carry a hefty share of the weight in terms of who organizes and pays for activities.

He doesn’t honor what he says he is going to do and is absent for long periods of time without informing you about where he is.

To make matters worse, he gets on social media and follows a bunch of attractive women, liking their posts and spending too much time on their pages.

All bad and disrespectful behavior.

All of which has you thinking about breaking up with him.

Don’t get ahead of yourself.

There is a reason why you chose to make him your boyfriend in the first place.

He has positive qualities that attracted you to him.

It’s easy to forget that when you are upset at his bad and disrespectful behavior and looking to break up with him.

Have a conversation with him first.

Use a polite and respectful tone.

Begin by specifically pointing out where he has been going right in the relationship.

This is critical.

It makes him feel appreciated, which warms him up to you.

Follow this up by asking him about where you can do better in the relationship.

Hear him out.

If he has reasonable gripes, take them into advisement and see whether you can come up with resolutions as a couple.

Follow this up by talking about where he has been going wrong with you.

This is when you bring up his bad and disrespectful behavior.

However, don’t use those exact words.

Instead, give specific examples of moments where you have been unhappy with his behavior.

Remember to do all of this in a polite and respectful tone.

By now, you have done the work to get him to a place emotionally where he would be open to listening to you.

This is good.

It means that there is a stronger likelihood that he takes responsibility for his bad and disrespectful behavior, apologizes, and makes a concerted effort to come up with solutions to resolve this with you.