My Girlfriend Never Texts Me Unless I Text Her First To Open A Conversation

My Girlfriend Never Texts Me Unless I Text Her First To Open A ConversationA girlfriend that never texts you unless you text her first is indicating that she isn’t happy.

The relationship isn’t fulfilling her.

She has told you about what she is unhappy about and you never took it to heart.

Think back to the last contentious conversation you had with her.

Did she complain about the relationship?

If so, did you listen to what she had to say and take steps to resolve her grievances?

Take a moment to reflect on your relationship with your girlfriend.

Consider whether she has complained about the relationship in the past.

When a woman complains about a grievance in a relationship a number of times with no resolution, she becomes frustrated.

As time goes on without a resolution, she gets fed up with her boyfriend.

Once she is fed up, she isn’t text messaging you first as much.

The thought of text messaging you first only reminds her of the unresolved matter, and she doesn’t want to have to talk to you.

Rather, she limits her texting, waiting for you to fix the grievances that she has complained to you about.

When you aren’t doing any of this, she believes that you don’t care about her feelings.

To her, you are a boyfriend that isn’t taking her seriously and this upsets her.

In protest, she doesn’t texts you first as much.

The more time that passes by without you resolving her grievances, the less text messages she initiates.

She is taking your reluctance to do anything about her grievances as a sign that you don’t really care for her.

To protect her emotions, she believes it prudent to limit the text messages she initiates to you.

Eventually, she is not texting you first anymore.

She is leaving that all to you, and isn’t intent on sending you a text message to open a conversation.

As far as she is concerned, in texting you first, she is enabling your insensitive behavior.

She is letting you get away with bad behavior where you get to go on in the relationship as though there is nothing wrong.

There is.

She has wanted you to take her grievances seriously for several weeks or months and you haven’t.

Unfortunately, you have pushed her to a decision to not text you first any longer.

Her mindset is changing from one where she has been longing for you to resolve her grievances, to one where she is looking to protect her emotions at all costs.

As a woman, much of her emotional sustenance comes from communication.

When a woman in a relationship isn’t communicating, she is starving herself from what she desires the most in a relationship.

The formidable drawback about this is that you are now losing her emotionally.

She is basically withdrawing from her relationship with you emotionally .

Once she is completely emotionally withdrawn from the relationship, your relationship with her is as good as dead, and it is only a matter of time before she breaks up with you.

Consider taking actionable steps to resolving her grievances.

Hopefully, it isn’t too late.