My Boyfriend Makes Last Minute Dates, Making Me Feel Like I Am Not A Priority To Him

My Boyfriend Makes Last Minute Dates, Making Me Feel Like I Am Not A Priority To HimFeeling like you aren’t a priority to your boyfriend is never a good feeling.

In making last minute dates, you are left feeling like you were an afterthought.

Basically, the idea that something fell through with plans he had already made, leaving you as his backup plan, doesn’t make you feel good at all.

Last minute dates are no fun.

Many a time, you have already made plans too.

All of a sudden, you are faced with the prospect of having to cancel those plans or keep them.

These aren’t choices you want to be constantly grappling with.

You just wish he would plan dates out in advance so that you know what to expect and never have to make these undesirable choices.

All of this has you feeling like you are not a priority to him.

This makes you feel sad and unappreciated.

It’s like he takes you for granted, prioritizing his own plans until they fall through and he is desperate to find an alternative.

This is where he makes a last minute date with you.

Listen, this is never a good sign in a relationship.

A boyfriend that doesn’t plan out dates is clearly showing that he doesn’t consider his relationship with you as all that important.

Yes, he has taken you for granted.

This attitude has only gotten stronger whenever you have enabled him to get away with this behavior.

How many times have you canceled your own plans, choosing instead to go out with him at the last minute?

As you do this, you enable his bad behavior.

You are conveying the message to him that you don’t value your time.

At any moment, if he decides to make last minute date plans with you, he is of the impression that you will drop everything to go out with him.

This makes you come off as desperate for his attention.

All it does is make him believe that he can keep doing this and get away with it.

There must be rules, boundaries and expectations laid out when you choose to be in an exclusive relationship with someone.

Did you ever have a conversation on rules, boundaries and expectations?

I am guessing that you never did.

A conversation of this nature is absolutely paramount for any relationship to work.

It lets either party know whether they are on the same page.

Without being on the same page, a relationship is doomed for calamity.

Right now, with these last minute dates, you are reaping the punishment that abounds from not having a conversation about rules, boundaries and expectations in a relationship.

Although belated, it’s time to have that conversation.

Talk to each other about the rules, boundaries and expectations that you each require in a relationship.

Once you have this conversation, there is a possibility you both realize that you aren’t compatible with each other.

This isn’t surprising, given how hard it has been to get him to plan out dates with you.

With this revelation, ending the relationship is the next logical step.

Conversely, if you discover that there is a lot that you agree on, it’s time to work on the issue of last minute dates.

Tell him what your expectations are in this area.

Give him a precise time frame in relation to how far out you want to be notified of a date.

Guys are practical in how they think.

Being as specific as possible in terms of how many days beforehand you expect to be notified before a date, gives him a clear picture of what you expect.

A boyfriend who cares about you sticks to this time frame.

If you notice that weeks after explaining these parameters, he continues to make last minute dates with you, he has consciously chosen to disrespect an important element of your rules, boundaries and expectations.

You mustn’t go on those last minute dates.

It’s time to let him go.