Isn’t Saturday Evening Too Sacred Of A Time For A First Date?

Isn't Saturday Evening Too Sacred Of A Time For A First Date?Although a Saturday evening is a great time to spend with friends and your pastimes, it isn’t too sacred of a time for a first date.

Saturday evening is a time that most people have free.

This means that it would coincide with the free time of whoever has asked you out on a first date.

The idea of going out with someone is to get to know them.

When you make it difficult for him to sequester your time by making Saturday evening too sacred for a first date, you reduce the opportunities to socialize with him face to face.

That hurts the courtship process.

You are stifling it.

When you aren’t making yourself available for a first date on an evening that most people would have off from work and other responsibilities, you make it harder for him to court you.

In doing this, you run a risk of discouraging a guy that is romantically interested in you.

He gets the impression that you don’t want to make your Saturday evening available on account of you not being all that interested in him.

The idea that you aren’t all that interested in him is a turnoff.

Guys get encouraged to keep courting a girl when she makes her time available to him for dates without making it difficult on him.

When you make Saturday evening too sacred of a time for a first date, you are cutting down the number of guys who would be inclined to stick around until a time you are available.

The impression you give a guy by not accepting a date for a Saturday evening is that of aloofness and disinterest.

Additionally, you come off as though you have better things to do with your time.

This makes him think that you don’t value him or his time.

All of these are turnoffs that quickly lead to a guy deciding against making plans to go out on a date with you on a different calendar day.

Is this what you want?

Imagine that you are being courted by a guy you have a strong romantic interest in.

Through conversations you have had with him, you learn that you have a bevy of shared interests.

This has made these conversations so much more compelling and fun.

On top of that, he is funny and charming.

Think about a guy like this.

Would you want to risk losing his interest by making a Saturday evening too sacred of a time to go on a first date with him?

If you are complicit in taking that risk, you are sure to lose out on great guys.

Listen, going out on a first date with a guy that has asked you out on a Saturday evening doesn’t mean that you lose out on every single Saturday evening henceforth.

There are going to be Saturday evenings that you will have available to do what you normally love to do.

All you are doing is making room for this guy to court you by freeing up a few of your Saturday evenings.

Is that too much to ask for?

I would think that a chance at love is worth that minor sacrifice.