Is There A Chance That He Likes Me, Or Am I Misreading His Behavior?

Is There A Chance That He Likes Me, Or Am I Misreading His Behavior?When you like a guy, you are susceptible to misreading his behavior.

Any behavior that is remotely connected to a sign of romantic interest, you jump at it.

You make the conclusion that he must like you.

This is what you are clamming for.

And this makes your brain want to interpret these so-called signs of romantic interest as such, wanting more than anything to be right.

There is a chance that he likes you when he is constantly flirting with you.

This is where he is giving you compliments and teasing you.

When he does this on a regular basis, he is looking to you to respond in kind.

Since you like him, make sure you respond to him when he is flirting with you or teasing you.

You do this by playing along when he teases you and finding moments to appropriately tease him back.

Return his compliments, but don’t go overboard.

If you get too excited about receiving a compliment from him, and make the mistake of going overboard when you return his compliment, you come off as too eager to please him.

This gives him a bad impression about you.

It makes him think that you aren’t a challenge.

You are already so taken by him that it would be far too easy to seduce you.

Guys are naturally inclined to love the chase.

When a girl is too into them too early, it robs them of the motivation to keep chasing the girl.

Keep this in mind as you respond to his compliments.

Match him, but don’t go overboard.

A guy that likes you remembers what you tell him in conversation.

The next time he talks to you, he brings up something you said in a previous conversation that you had with him.

He remembers every detail about it, asking you follow-up questions in reference to it.

This is how you know that he was paying attention to what you had to say in the last conversation you had with him.

He thought about it while he was away from you.

He realized that he had a follow-up question to what you said, and he gets excited about the prospect of asking you this follow-up question the next time he sees you.

And that is exactly what he does.

He asks you a follow-up question in reference to what you said in the last conversation you had with him.

This means that you were in his thoughts while you were apart.

When you are in a guy’s thoughts while he is in his private moments or going about his daily life, you are having a profound effect on his psyche.

Basically, as this happens with frequency, you are establishing mental real estate in his mind so to speak.

This has the effect of making him develop a fondness of you, being that you are frequently in his thoughts.

When he asks a follow-up question on a later date, be sure to respond in detail and answer it in a satisfactory fashion.

Match his energy by asking him a follow-up question on something he said in the last conversation you had with him.

This gives him the impression that you have been thinking about him too, which makes him like you that much more.