Is The Gym Where Guys Go To Pick Up Women With The Intent Of Dating Them?

Is The Gym Where Guys Go To Pick Up Women With The Intent Of Dating Them?A majority of guys go to the gym with the intention of working out.

A minority go to pick up women.

This minority of guys are fairly obvious with their intent.

They are not working out all that hard, doing few reps.

It doesn’t take long before their eyes wander about surveilling the gym floor like a lion looking for prey.

These are guys that get bored with their workouts far too soon, and are constantly pulling out their smartphones for short-term entertainment.

Guys who solely go to the gym to pick up women are wanderers.

Forever wandering about, acting like they are looking for the perfect machine to do their workout when all they are doing is checking out the girls.

All of this being said, I don’t expect you to pick up on all of these signs.

After all, you are busy doing your workout.

Actually doing it, not pretending that you are.

There have been several moments where you have seen guys stare at you, almost transfixed.

This has made you uneasy.

When you move to a different exercise machine, it doesn’t take long for the same eyes to find you, staring at you yet again.

I know this makes you uncomfortable, but you don’t have to keep enduring it.

If you are tired of having to deal with guys looking to pick you up at the gym, choose a gym that caters to women.

These are gyms that are either exclusively for women or have a section for women where men aren’t permitted to enter.

This should solve the problem.

In the event that you are merely curious about whether a guy is looking to pick you up at a gym, there are a number of attraction cues that determine this.

As aforementioned, there are guys who solely go to the gym to pick up girls.

These guys are fairly obvious with the fact that they want to pick you up.

He is constantly staring at you, but acts as though he was working out when you catch his eye.

He is constantly walking back and forth from where you are working out, hoping that he establishes eye contact with you.

He purposely positions himself directly within eyeshot of you, hoping that you catch him showing off as he works out on a heavy duty exercise machine.

It isn’t difficult to figure out that this is a guy that is looking to pick you up.

They are fairly obvious with their body language.

The guy that is serious about working out, but is open to picking up a girl at the gym, is trickier.

He goes to the gym with the intention of working out, which means he isn’t going to make it obvious that he is attracted to you.

A guy like this would have to see you at the gym several times for him to finally take a moment from his intense workout to look at you.

From this point forward, he stares at you every so often, but doesn’t do it long enough for it to interrupt his workout.

Getting a guy like this to talk to you requires that you get a little creative.

Position yourself close enough to where he is working out that you are within eyeshot.

Act as though you are struggling with an exercise machine and require assistance.

Naturally, he is going to come over to assist you, and this is where you have your opening to charm him with your endearing personality.

As long as he isn’t taken, he is initiating future conversations with you whenever he sees you at the gym.

In due course, your endearing personality compels him to ask you out on a date.