Is She Interested Or Playing Games With Me And Leading Me On?

Is She Interested Or Playing Games With Me And Leading Me On?She is interested in you when she is constantly taking your calls and engaging with you.

In these moments, she is asking you personal questions and remembers the details of what you tell her.

This is proven when she is asking you a follow-up question in reference to a previous conversation that you had with her.

When this happens, you have evidence that she was thinking about what you had to say in the previous conversation, and wanted to get extra information in reference to what you said.

A girl that is thinking about a conversation she had with you, while apart, is thinking of you.

She has your image in her head.

Hears your voice in her head.

Remembers the moment and plays it out in her mind like a movie.

This is powerful.

It means that the effect you had on her was memorable, compelling her to think about you outside of that conversation and in her private time.

She is interested when she touches you briefly, but repeatedly, as she talks to you.

She touches your arm, thigh, shoulder, face, etc.

A confident girl does this with sustained eye contact, banking on you comprehending the moment and returning the eye contact.

A girl that is more on the shy side would not have that much courage to touch you, let alone sustain eye contact.

This makes it trickier to tell whether she is interested in you.

Nevertheless, it isn’t impossible.

A girl that is on the shy side shows that she is interested in you when she is looking at you from a distance while you aren’t aware.

When you so happen to turn and inadvertently look in a direction that she occupies, she quickly turns away before you meet her eye.

A shy girl does this out of a fear of being stuck in an awkward moment.

She doesn’t want to be in a moment where you are staring at each other and she has given away the fact that she is interested in you.

This would be an embarrassing moment to her.

Given her absence of social skills and confidence, she doesn’t think that you like her.

As a result, she would rather steal looks at you than look at you directly.

This way, she gets to enjoy looking at your face and daydream about what it would be like to be your girlfriend, with you completely unaware of what she is doing.

A girl that is playing games is sporadic in her behavior.

She only acknowledges you when she is seeking attention.

She calls or texts you and has lighthearted conversation with you when she chooses.

However, when you call or text her, she isn’t consistent in picking up the phone or replying to your text messages.

She goes from giving you all this attention, to giving you known.

This is a girl that is playing games.

She is only interested in having a prolonged interaction with you when she wants your attention.

To this end, the lighthearted conversations she has with you are not designed to get to know you that much better as a person.

She sticks to frivolous topics related to pop culture and gossip.

Beyond this, she rarely asks you insightful personal questions nor does she answer those you field at her with any detail.

Remember, whenever she is socializing with you, she is bored.

These conversations are conducted to kill time and get attention from you for a fleeting amount of time that she allots.

Nothing more.