Is Photoshop A Good Way To Get Results And Rig The System To One’s Own Favor On Dating Apps?

Is Photoshop A Good Way To Get Results And Rig The System To One's Own Favor On Dating Apps?Photoshop isn’t a good way to get long-lasting results on dating apps.

Although you are desperate to make dating apps work in your favor, rigging the system isn’t worth it.

By manipulating your dating profile photos with photoshop to make yourself appear more handsome or fit, you are choosing to deceive the women on the dating app.

Even though you are successful in getting them to swipe right on your technologically enhanced photos, this won’t get you anywhere over the long term.

Undoubtedly, receiving all this attention from women as they swipe right on your manipulated photos is destined to make you feel good.

There is an emotional rush that accompanies receiving this many right swipes from women.

You feel so good about yourself.

If you have been on the dating app for a while, and had little success in getting matches, this newly found popularity is exhilarating.

It feels so good, it becomes addicting.

You want more of it.

This leads to you posting more photos of yourself that have been severely enhanced by photoshop.

While you are at it, you are improving your skills at photoshop.

Soon, you are tweaking your photos with such skill, you are looking handsomer and fitter than ever.

On top of that, you are broadening the manipulation by adding fake backgrounds to your photos that are completely unreal.

You were never at a gorgeous waterfall.

Yet, here you are, using photoshop to make it seem as though you visited this waterfall.

The photo is so impressive to you that you go all out with using fake backgrounds.

You post a plethora of photos of you in exotic locations you never visited, intent on getting unsuspecting women to get excited over your images and swipe right on your dating profile.

There are photos of you in front of the famous pyramids of Egypt, but you have never visited them in real life.

Nor have you visited the famous Colosseum in Italy, but there you are, standing in front of it.

All of this is done to pique the interest of women.

Lots of women love traveling and many of these women are on dating apps seeking men who love the same.

Seeing your photoshopped photos with you in exotic locations gets them excited.

All of a sudden, they can’t swipe right fast enough.

Until now, you were struggling with getting attention from women on the dating app, and now you are.

Thanks to your photoshopped photos, there is a sudden deluge of right swipes and compliments from women, and this is addicting.

Before you know it, you have photoshopped all of your photos, creating images of yourself and a life that is completely fabricated.

By doing this, you have received the results you wanted in getting female attention, but you haven’t considered what comes after all that well.

Should you hit if off in conversation with some of these women, they will want to meet up with you in real life.

What now?

The problem now is that she is about to see someone who isn’t representative of the photos on his dating profile.

It doesn’t matter how much you hit it off with her on the dating app prior to this, she is going to be disappointed when she sees what you look like in real life.

On account of this, she won’t want to see you again.

The entire reason why she swiped right on your dating profile in the first place was based on how attractive you looked on your dating profile.

Without that, she would have never swiped right on your dating profile, nor engaged in conversation with you.

The moment she sees you in real life and realizes that you don’t appear anywhere near as handsome as you did on your dating profile photos, she is immediately turned off and walks out on you.

You are left unhappy, having deceived yourself into believing that she would overlook your looks, based on how well you had connected with her on the dating app beforehand.

This doesn’t happen.

She has walked out on you and you are saddened.

This can be completely avoided.

Be honest with the photos you choose to post on your dating profile.

Ensure that they are recent and fully representative of what your actual lifestyle is like.

As long as you are actively using the dating app and not relegating all of your right swipes to the most attractive women, you are bound to match with someone that is right for you in the foreseeable future.