Is It Weird To Have Romantic Feelings For A Woman That’s Been Like A Sister To Me?

Is It Weird To Have Romantic Feelings For A Woman That's Been Like A Sister To Me?There was never an intent on your part to develop romantic feelings for her, but it has happened.

This isn’t weird.

When a man and woman have such a close relationship, that it is akin to that of siblings, it means that the two will naturally care for each other deeply.

For a good while, you cared about her like you would a sister, and this made sense.

Nonetheless, unbeknownst to you, the closer you got to her as a friend, there was an increased potential that you would develop romantic feelings for her.

This is akin to a man and woman who are best friends, thinking that they have nothing but sibling-like love for each other, only to discover that someone has developed romantic feelings for their counterpart.

Romantic feelings have a tendency to creep up on people who aren’t related by blood but have a sibling-like relationship with a person of the opposite gender.

This new development has unsettled you.

After all, you are going from looking at this woman as you would a sister, to looking at her as someone that you are have romantic feelings for.

This is a massive transition in emotions and you feel the heavy weight of it on your shoulders.

The romantic feelings that you have for her now didn’t occur in a vacuum.

Before they developed, there was something else about her that appealed to you.

Her physical attractiveness.

The truth is, you have always had a degree of attraction for her.

It’s just that you never acted on it.

She never showed a strong enough sign that she was attracted to you too.

This is where you made a subconscious decision to become her friend instead.

You settled into playing this role.

As you got into your own romantic relationships with women and she got into romantic relationships of her own with guys, the role of friendship became the staple.

With time, you conveniently forgot that you were initially attracted to her when you first met her.

The friendship with her continued to persist as you went through breakups with the girls you dated, and she went through breakups with the guys she dated.

You were consistently there for each other through these breakups, giving each other support.

This further solidified the feelings that you were developing for her, but you weren’t conscious of it.

This has led to where you are now.

You realize that you have romantic feelings for her.

A woman that has been like a sister to you.

This is not surprising.

All the seeds that led to the fruition of these romantic feelings for her were planted from the first day you met her.

There was already a physical attraction that you had for her that you chose not to pursue with her.

The friendship endured as you supported each other through difficult breakups sustained from romantic relationships that were outside of the friendship.

Through all the turmoil, the two of you were a steady rock, stoically loyal and supportive of each other.

It’s no wonder that you eventually developed romantic feelings for her.

This now begs the question.

Does she feel likewise about you?