Is It Too Early To Start Dating After Just One Month Of Getting Dumped?

Is It Too Early To Start Dating After Just One Month Of Getting Dumped?It isn’t too early to start dating when you have already completed the work on yourself emotionally.

A significant number of people start dating again without healing from their previous relationship, and this is a grave blunder.

It wasn’t a good feeling to get dumped, and given how sudden it was, it only made the whole ordeal worse.

Consider how you are feeling right now.

Have you done the work on yourself to heal from this breakup?

If you haven’t, it isn’t time to start dating.

Sometimes, it’s tricky to know this.

As human beings, we handle being dumped in different ways.

There are those who are so stunned by a breakup, they are completely overwhelmed with their feelings and emotions.

This being said, there are those who don’t feel all that much.

This is often misinterpreted as a sign that they aren’t emotionally compromised about getting dumped.

However, this is a misguided notion for many.

Although the person isn’t feeling all that much emotion, there is pain beneath the surface.

They don’t feel it in the moment due to having an internal self-defense mechanism.

Some people develop this internal self-defense mechanism unconsciously when there has been past trauma in childhood or relationships.

When it activates, it almost numbs a person.

It’s akin to how some people handle shock when there is a death in the family.

There isn’t always a visible visceral reaction to the stimuli that caused the shock.

But this is misleading.

Once this person’s internal self-defense mechanism wears off, the emotions that follow are catastrophic.

When this happens, it is far harder to handle this sudden explosion of emotional suffering.

The pain would have been easier to handle if it had happened when the incident initially occurred.

This is no different in romantic relationships.

When you are in shock or don’t feel anything, it doesn’t mean that there is no emotional damage.

Instead of using this lack of feeling as a sign that you are ready to start dating after just one month of getting dumped, take some time out.

When there is hidden pain that is yet to manifest itself, there are hints that point to this.

Are you spending excessively more time with your friends and family?

Are they asking you questions about the breakup, but you respond with short answers and quickly move on to a different topic?

Are you walking your dog a lot more than you used to?

Are you doing more activities with your friends than you normally do?

You see, when you are doing all of this, you are repressing the emotions within you.

You are barely spending any idle time with yourself, choosing instead to be constantly chatting with friends and family, or engaging in activity with them.

Mentally, you aren’t aware of what you are doing, but you are unconsciously keeping yourself from having quiet moments.

These are quiet moments where the emotions you have been repressing inside would likely come out.

Subconsciously, you are dreading this.

You don’t want those emotions to come out.

So you do whatever you can to stay busy and avoid these quiet moments.

Keep all of this in mind as you contemplate dating, after just one month of getting dumped.

Even if you don’t believe you are feeling that bad about the breakup, give yourself at least another month to make sure that you aren’t suppressing your emotions.

Only when you know that you aren’t emotionally compromised are you ready to start dating again.