Is It Okay To Hold Hands On The First Date Or Is It Too Forward?

Is It Okay To Hold Hands On The First Date Or Is It Too Forward?Holding hands on the first date is okay, as long as it is earned.

When you are hitting it off with a girl on a first date, it isn’t too forward to hold hands at an appropriate moment.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be too presumptuous about it.

Even though you are hitting it off with her, it doesn’t mean that you are permitted to hold hands with her whenever you deem appropriate.

Test the waters first by establishing good body language with her.

Basically, indulge in a few brief moments where you make physical contact with her.

This happens when you briefly put your hand on the small of her back to guide her into a room.

As you touch her arm lightly while admiring her beautiful bracelet.

As you touch her lightly on her arm while engaging in conversation with her.

How does she respond to these moments?

Does she flinch or is she receptive?

A girl that is receptive is smiling whenever you make physical contact, and is making sustained eye contact with you.

This is how you know that she is comfortable with you.

As the first date progresses, she too should make moves with her body language to further confirm this.

She does this by physically leaning closer to you.

Brushing against you with her body.

Lightly touching your arm as she is immersed in conversation with you.

There is reciprocation.

When this is happening, the romantic body language is mutual.

This is how you know that she is physically matching your romantic energy.

This is what gives you a reason to hold hands with her at the appropriate time.

All of this being said, there is a proper way to go about holding hands with her.

Instead of grabbing her hands out of nowhere and forcing it upon her, offer your hand to her.

This gives her a choice to take it.

For instance, as you are about to leave a location, offer your hand to her.

By now, if she has shown all of the right romantic body language, she is taking your hand.

From here, you get to walk with her holding hands and it feels natural and appropriate.

In lieu of arbitrarily grabbing her hand, you gave her the choice to take your hand.

This makes the process of holding hands so much more fluid.

When she takes your hand, she is indicating that thus far, the first date has gone well and she feels safe with you.

Women have to feel safe with a man to want to be with him.

This being said, should there be a moment where she releases her hand for whatever reason as you are walking with her, do not force the issue by holding her hand again a few moments later.

If she wants to keep holding your hand, she is going to instinctively do it some time later.

She does this on her own volition, which is yet another powerful sign that she feels safe with you and is already thinking about a second date with you.