Is It A Deal Breaker To Guys Who Like To Party And Drink Alcohol If A Girl Doesn’t Like To Do All That And Avoids Big Crowds?

Is It A Deal Breaker To Guys Who Like To Party And Drink Alcohol If A Girl Doesn't Like To Do All That And Avoids Big Crowds?Guys who like to party and drink alcohol won’t be unattracted to a girl who doesn’t do all that.

It isn’t a deal breaker to them.

Basically, he knows that you are a girl who isn’t prone to partying and drinking alcohol alongside him, and compartmentalizes.

When he is partying and drinking alcohol, he hangs out with people who participate in these activities.

But he isn’t partying and drinking alcohol 24/7.

Even though it seems like his whole world is about partying and drinking alcohol whenever you see him in these locations, that’s only one side of him.

He has a life outside of partying and drinking alcohol.

He works.

Goes to his school.

Has interests and hobbies.

Has family.

These are all aspects of his life.

There is more to him than partying and drinking alcohol.

Since he knows that you don’t party or drink alcohol, he fits you into his life outside of partying and drinking.

When he has free time, he wants to spend a portion of it hanging out with you.

If you are interesting, he is spending less time partying and drinking alcohol, and more time with you.

Ergo, it isn’t a deal breaker to guys when you don’t do all that partying and drinking.

He is fine with the fact that you avoid big crowds.

Out of respect for that, he has no qualms with getting to know you in one on one settings.

In lots of cases, his affinity for partying and drinking alcohol is primarily motivated by the crowd he keeps.

Being that he is single and has single friends, he thinks that partying and drinking is what he is supposed to be doing.

But in several of these cases, these guys are totally open to giving up that lifestyle if they meet a girl that is interesting, compelling and appealing.

As long as he doesn’t have a reputation as a playboy, a guy who is partying and drinking alcohol to fit in with his single guy friends, won’t have an issue with cutting back on going out to these crowded social venues.

Keeping this in mind, if you so happen to know a guy who likes to party and drink alcohol, it is to your benefit to know whether he has a reputation as a player or womanizer.

If he doesn’t, and he is spending time getting to know you as a person outside of partying and drinking alcohol, cutting back on a lifestyle of partying and drinking is the next logical outcome.

When he is a known player, it’s less likely that he cuts back on his partying and drinking lifestyle, no matter how much he likes you as a person as he gets to know you.

So, if your goal is to find a boyfriend who is in the partying and alcohol-drinking scene, you are better off knowing his dating history.

A guy with a history of long-term relationships is the most likely to cut back on partying and drinking when he meets a girl he is viscerally and deeply connecting with.