Is Financial Stability Essential For A Relationship With Someone That You Are Committed To?

Is Financial Stability Essential For A Relationship With Someone That You Are Committed To?Yes, financial stability is absolutely essential for a relationship.

Too many people in relationships rely on their feelings for each other to sustain them.

Even when they are dirt broke.

Like clockwork, these relationships fall apart in time, with finances being the number one reason for the breakup.

This goes for long-term relationships and marriage.

A deficit of financial stability is a perennial reason why these relationships end, and end bitterly.

When one partner is financially stable but the other isn’t, there is a huge risk that trouble is brewing.

Having a partner who isn’t financially disciplined exposes you to financial hardship in the future, as this partner spends without discipline.

Being a man, the onus is on you to be the financial provider.

This has been the expectation of men since the dawn of human beings.

That hasn’t changed regardless of how technologically advanced and socially progressive society has become.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should partner up with any woman solely based on her physical beauty, without vetting her first.

It’s essential you learn about her spending habits.

A woman with a bad history in spending isn’t going to respect your finances.

She looks at you as her proverbial credit card, wantonly spending your money without regard for how it is impacting the overall finances of the relationship.

Before you know it, you are in financial dire straits.

Even though you are financially responsible, she isn’t.

With access to your funds, she spends money she shouldn’t, and on nonsensical stuff.

She is buying endless handbags, clothes, makeup and regular spa and manicure treatments.

At first, you let this happen, being that she is beautiful and you didn’t want to disappoint her in refusing her these luxuries.

But, once you are in a committed relationship with her, it is only going to get worse.

If anything, once she knows that she is in a committed relationship with you, she is that much more emboldened to keep spending without financial responsibility.

Ergo, it isn’t only important that you are financially stable in a relationship.

It is as important that the partner you choose is financially stable too.

She doesn’t have to make as much money as you do, but she does have to have a history where she has exemplified financial responsibility.

If she isn’t financially responsible, and you are, it is but a matter of time before you are dragged down into financial ruin.

Don’t get lost in how physically attractive she is.

She has to have financial responsibility for a committed relationship to work.

Financial stability relieves stress in a relationship.

Always live within your means and never get caught up with trying to look the part in terms of success.

An abundance of people make this miscalculation when they get into a committed relationship.

To keep up with their peers and the American dream, they quickly make major purchases, such as buying a house, whose price tag and location is going to be a strain on their finances, all for the sake of looking the part of a successful couple to society at large.

Never follow this path.

Only make major purchases that you know won’t put a strain on your finances.

Slowly build up wealth.

This way, the relationship never gets strained by overwhelming debt.