Is Being An Emotional Man A Big Disadvantage In Dating?

Is Being An Emotional Man A Big Disadvantage In Dating?It depends on the moments you choose to be emotional and what you are being emotional about.

With this caveat, being an emotional man is not a big disadvantage in dating.

Women do want to see that the guy they are dating has emotions and is capable of reacting to external stimuli.

Should he have a death in the family, she wants to see that he is impacted.

He shows this through his emotions.

In a scenario like this, showing emotion is an advantage.

She gets to grieve with you, believing that you do have love in your heart.

When you are being emotional over a death in the family, you are showing love.

This reassures her that you are someone who has love in your heart.

Love is pervasive.

Knowing that you are someone who has love in your heart, she is reassured that you love her too.

This is an advantage.

A death in the family is but one example where showing emotion as a man is actually an advantage.

Another moment would be when you are watching a sad movie with her and she is crying.

If she sees that you are tearing up too, it gives her a good feeling.

It lets her know that you are capable of getting emotionally invested in a fictional story, feeling the impact when a character meets their demise or is in peril.

This humanizes you to her, impressing upon her that you have the capacity to temporarily relinquish your serious side, and lighten up through using your imagination.

Additionally, when you get emotional at a special event such as the 60th wedding anniversary of your grandparents, she is impressed.

Knowing that you were emotionally impacted by their anniversary, she realizes that you are someone who has respect for relationships that stand the test of time.

Inadvertently, she envisions what it would be like to be celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary with you as her life partner.

This elates her, giving her reassurance that you are someone that is a good candidate for a long-term relationship.

All of these are but a few examples where being emotional is a plus in dating.

It becomes a disadvantage when you are constantly emotional over an issue that has little emotional bearing for her.

For example, when you get emotional over losing out on a promotion at work.

Not being a stickler for work, it’s hard for her to relate to your emotion.

After all, this is nothing like a death in the family, a 60th wedding anniversary of grandparents or a sad movie.

Nevertheless, she does her due diligence to lend her emotional support to you over this issue, at first.

When you keep complaining about losing that promotion over the ensuing weeks and months, she gets fed up.

Women believe that men are designed to be problem-solvers.

When a guy they are dating keeps getting emotional over losing out on a promotion for weeks on end, they get the impression that the man isn’t ambitious enough.

All he is doing is dwelling on the disappointment of losing out on a promotion and it makes him come off as weak, and a cry baby.

It is in her nature to want to be with a man that is competent and decisive.

A guy that keeps moaning over losing out on a promotion, is a guy that isn’t taking action to get what he wants.

He is using the loss of a promotion as an excuse to get her sympathy.

Women don’t want to date men like this.

They want a man that takes his hits in life, gets back up, and keeps going for what he wants.

Whenever you get emotional over an issue she struggles to relate to, and you keep dwelling on it, looking for your girlfriend’s sympathy, you are putting yourself at a massive disadvantage.

She will tire of having to give you sympathy, interpreting that as weak, and this is what compels her to strongly consider breaking up with you.