If You Aren’t Attracted To Overweight People, Are You Shallow And Fatphobic?

If You Aren't Attracted To Overweight People, Are You Shallow And Fatphobic?You are attracted to what you are attracted to.

The majority of people, male and female, aren’t attracted to overweight people.

That is the harsh reality of life.

If given a choice, the majority of men and women would choose a partner that is physically fit.

This goes for people who are fit and overweight.

Even overweight people have a preference for partners that are physically fit.

As human beings, we have a biological imperative to seek out partners that match what we believe produces healthy offspring.

A physically fit person is representative of someone who has the healthy genes that produces healthy offspring.

The truth is, as human beings, we are shallow.

No matter how much modern society wants to perpetuate the notion that everyone is attractive no matter how they appear, this isn’t realistic.

Biologically, we are wired to gravitate towards mates that we believe would produce the healthiest offspring.

This goes for physically fit people and overweight people.

Both parties prefer dating someone who fits what they are biologically programmed to respond to.

This is someone that is physically fit, embodying health, stamina and longevity.

As human beings, regardless of race, size, background, culture or socio-economic level, a physically fit person is what we prefer when choosing a partner.

Does that mean that we are shallow.


Every human being is shallow to an extent.

There are not that many people who choose to date someone that they have absolutely no physical attraction for.

Even the person that has a preference for personality over looks when they are seeking a mate, wants someone who has a few physical features that they are attracted to.

The few that state they only care about personality forget that some form of physical attraction remains a factor.

In most cases, if given a choice with all things being equal, this person wouldn’t prefer dating someone that weighs 400 pounds over someone half that weight.

And the rare few who would prefer to date someone that is 400 pounds over someone half that weight, have a fat fetish.

A fat fetish, in of itself, is shallow too.

Being shallow isn’t relegated to being attracted to the perfect face and body.

It is also relegated to fetishes.

A person with a fetish for extremely overweight people is shallow in their own right.

They have a physical preference and reject everything else but said body type.

In the modern society we live in, there is a motivation for inclusion.

This means that overweight people must be accepted and regarded as attractive in the same vain we do physically fit people.

Anyone with a differing opinion is regarded as a bigot.

Our modern society has diminished into shaming and vilifying those who dare go against the notion that everyone is attractive, regardless of their size.

None of this trumps our biological instinct.

Our biological instinct is to be attracted to physically fit people.

This doesn’t mean that you are fatphobic though.

After all, you don’t have an irrational fear of fat people.

You are just not physically attracted to them.

That puts in the same camp as the majority of people.

Both physically fit people and overweight people prefer dating someone who is physically fit if given the choice.